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CLI (command line interface)

After installing, A few CLI commands with prefix grove_ is available, such as grove_led, grove_button, grove_ultrasonic_ranger and etc.
For I2C Grove devices, the default bus is used (I2C 1 on Pi).
For digital input & output Grove devices, pin numbers should be provided as the arguments of these commands.
For analog devices, slot number(n of PCB sink An) should be provided.

Command Reference Table

Some devices need root permission signed in sudo column, the coresponding command must prefix with "sudo" if run with a none-root user.

Most of the commands will list the available argument/pin when it need argument but not specifying.

Grove Devices Command RPi Coral Jetson Nano Argument/Comment
1-Wire Thermocouple Amplifier (MAX31850K) grove_1wire_thermocouple_amplifier_max31850 1-Wire
3-Axis Digital Compass V2 grove_3_axis_compass_bmm150 y I2C
3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(+/-400g) grove_3_axis_digital_accelerometer y I2C
4 Digit Display grove_4_digit_display y arg1 - digital pin
6-Axis Accelerometer&Gyroscope grove_6_axis_accel_gyro_bmi088 y I2C
12 Key Capacitive I2C Touch Sensor V2(MPR121) grove_12_key_cap_i2c_touch_mpr121 y I2C
16 x 2 LCD (Black on Red)
16 x 2 LCD (Black on Yellow)
16 x 2 LCD (White on Blue)
grove_16x2_lcd y I2C
Air quality sensor v1.3 grove_air_quality_sensor_v1_3 y y arg1 - analog pin
Button grove_button y arg1 - digital pin
Capacitive Touch Slide Sensor(CY8C4014LQI) grove_cap_touch_slider_cy8c y I2C
Collision Sensor grove_collision_sensor y arg1 - digital pin
Gesture Sensor v1.0 grove_gesture_sensor y I2C
I2C High Accuracy Temperature Sensor(MCP9808) grove_high_accuracy_temperature y I2C
I2C Color Sensor V2 grove_i2c_color_sensor_v2 y I2C
I2C Motor Driver grove_i2c_motor_driver y I2C
I2C Thermocouple Amplifier (MCP9600) grove_i2c_thermocouple_amplifier_mcp9600 y I2C
IMU 9DOF (ICM20600+AK09918) grove_imu_9dof_icm20600_ak09918 y I2C
OLED Display 1.12"
OLED Display 1.12" V2
grove_lcd_1.2inches y I2C
Green LED
Purple LED
White LED
grove_led y arg1 - digital pin
Light Sensor V1.2 grove_light_sensor_v1_2 y y arg1 - analog pin
Loudness Sensor grove_loudness_sensor y y arg1 - analog pin
Mech Keycap grove_mech_keycap arg1 - PWM pin
mini PIR motion sensor
PIR Motion Sensor
grove_mini_pir_motion_sensor y arg1 - digital pin
Moisture Sensor grove_moisture_sensor y y arg1 - analog pin
5-Way Switch
6-Position DIP Switch
y I2C
OLED Display 0.96" grove_oled_display_128x64 y I2C
Optical Rotary Encoder(TCUT1600X01) grove_optical_rotary_encoder y arg1 - digital pin
Piezo Vibration Sensor grove_piezo_vibration_sensor y arg1 - digital pin
Buzzer grove_pwm_buzzer PWM
Recorder v3.0 grove_recorder_v3_0 y
arg1 - digital pin
arg2 - record duration
       in seconds
Relay grove_relay y arg1 - digital pin
Rotary Angle Sensor(P) grove_rotary_angle_sensor y y arg1 - analog pin
Round Force Sensor FSR402 grove_round_force_sensor y y arg1 - analog pin
Red LED Button
Yellow LED Button
Blue LED Button
grove_ryb_led_button y arg1 - digital pin
Servo grove_servo y arg1 - digital pin
Slide Potentiometer grove_slide_potentiometer y y arg1 - analog pin
Sound Sensor grove_sound_sensor y y arg1 - analog pin
Step Counter(BMA456) grove_step_counter_bma456 y I2C
Switch(P) grove_switch y arg1 - digital pin
Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Gas Sensor (BME680) grove_temperature_humidity_bme680 y I2C
Temperature & Humidity Sensor (DHT11)
Temperature & Humidity Sensor Pro (AM2302)
grove_temperature_humidity_sensor y
arg1 - digital pin
arg2 - dht_type, 
       could be 11 or 22,
       represent DHT11, DHT22/AM2302
Temperature & Humidity Sensor (SHT31) grove_temperature_humidity_sht31 y I2C
Temperature Sensor grove_temperature_sensor y y arg1 - analog pin
Thumb Joystick grove_thumb_joystick y y arg1 - analog pin
Tilt Switch grove_tilt_switch y arg1 - digital pin
Time of Flight Distance Sensor VL53L0X grove_time_of_flight_distance y I2C
Touch Sensor grove_touch_sensor y arg1 - digital pin
Ultrasonic Ranger grove_ultrasonic_ranger y arg1 - digital pin
UV Sensor grove_uv_sensor y I2C
VOC and eCO2 Gas Sensor (SGP30) grove_voc_eco2_gas_sgp30 y I2C
Water Sensor grove_water_sensor y y arg1 - analog pin
WS2813 RGB LED Strip Waterproof - 30 LED/m - 1m
WS2813 RGB LED Strip Waterproof - 60 LED/m - 1m
WS2813 RGB LED Strip Waterproof - 144 LED/m - 1m
arg1 - PWM pin
arg2 - led count,
       could be 30, 60, 144
       for the three models listed left.

• means supported but prefix sudo must be provided.
y means supported without prefix sudo.

GUI (graphical user interface)

You can copy below codes directly, and paste into any Python IDE (such as Thonny Python IDE) to run the demo and see the effect.

Grove - LED

import time
from grove.grove_led import GroveLed

led = GroveLed(12)

while True:


import time
from grove.factory import Factory

relay = Factory.getGpioWrapper("Relay",16)
while True:


import time
from grove.factory import Factory

pin = 12
button = Factory.getButton("GPIO-HIGH", pin)

while True:
    if button.is_pressed():
        print('Button is pressed')
        print('Button is released')

PIR Motion Sensor

mini PIR motion sensor

import time
from grove.factory import Factory

### connect to pin 5(slot D5)
pir = Factory.getGpioWrapper("PIRMotion", 5)
while True:
    if pir.has_motion():
        print("Hi, people is moving")


import time
from grove.factory import Factory

buzzer = Factory.getGpioWrapper("Buzzer", 12)
while True:


import time
from grove.factory import Factory

magnet = Factory.getGpioWrapper("Electromagnet", 12)
while True:

4 Digit Display

import time
from grove.grove_4_digit_display import Grove4DigitDisplay

display = Grove4DigitDisplay(12, 13))

count = 0
while True:
    t = time.strftime("%H%M", time.localtime(time.time()))
    display.set_colon(count & 1)
    count += 1

I2C Color Sensor V2

import time
from grove.grove_i2c_color_sensor_v2 import GroveI2CColorSensorV2
sensor = GroveI2cColorSensorV2()

print('Raw data of red-filtered, green-filtered, blue-filtered and unfiltered photodiodes')
while True:
    # r, g, b = sensor.rgb
    r, g, b, clear = sensor.raw
    print((r, g, b, clear))

I2C Motor Driver

Use along with DC-Motor.

import time
from grove.grove_i2c_motor_driver import MotorDriver

motor = MotorDriver()
while True:
    # speed range: 0(lowest) - 100(fastest)
    # channel 1 only
    # to set channel 1&2: motor.set_speed(100, 100)

    # direction: True(clockwise), False(anti-clockwise)
    # channel 1 only,
    # to set channel 1&2: motor.set_dir(True, True)



Use along with Stepper Motor 24BYJ48/28BYJ48.

Connections between 24BYJ48/28BYJ48 and I2C-Motor-Driver:

I2C-Motor-Driver 24BYJ48 Wires 28BYJ48 Wires
J1.M1-/OUT1 Blue Blue
J1.M1+/OUT2 Pink Orange
J2.M2-/OUT3 Orange Yellow
J2.M2+/OUT4 Yellow Pink
from grove.factory import Factory
import time

motor = Factory.getStepperMotor("24BYJ48")
# If it's 28BYJ48
# motor = Factory.getStepperMotor("28BYJ48")
ANGLE = 360 # rotate 360 degrees = 1 cycle
# set speed to max rpm, for Motor 24BYJ48, it's 30 RPM.
# direction is clockwise, anti-clockwise use negative value (-30)
SPEED = motor.speed_max # SPEED = 30
motor.enable(True) # enable the motor, begin to run

seconds = ANGLE / 360.0 / SPEED * 60
print("Motor {} rotate {} degrees, time = {:.2f}".format(, ANGLE, time.time()))
print("      with speed {} RPM".format(SPEED))
print("      will be stop after {:4.2f} seconds".format(seconds))
while True:
    left = motor.rotate()
    if left < 1e-5: break
    print("Angle left {:6.2f} degrees, time = {:.2f}".format(left, time.time()))

print("Motor run ended, time = {:.2f} !".format(time.time()))

Buzzer PWM mode

from mraa import getGpioLookup
from upm import pyupm_buzzer as GroveBuzzer

# Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi
pin = 12
# Create the buzzer object using RaspberryPi GPIO12
mraa_pin = getGpioLookup("GPIO%d" % pin)
buzzer = GroveBuzzer.Buzzer(mraa_pin)
# 1000 Hz sound last 2 seconds
print(buzzer.playSound(1000, 2000000))

Temperature & Humidity Sensor(DHT11)

import time
from grove.grove_temperature_humidity_sensor import DHT

# DHT11 type
# insert to GPIO pin 5, slot D5
dht11 = DHT("11", 5)

while True:
    humi, temp =
    print('DHT{0}, humidity {1:.1f}%, temperature {2:.1f}*'.format(dht11.dht_type, humi, temp))

LCD 16x2 Characters

OLED Display 1.12"

import time
from grove.factory import Factory

# LCD 16x2 Characters
dobj = Factory.getDisplay("JHD1802")
# If it's OLED Display 1.12"
# dobj = Factory.getDisplay("SH1107G")
rows, cols = dobj.size()
print("LCD model: {}".format(
print("LCD type : {} x {}".format(cols, rows))

dobj.setCursor(0, 0)
dobj.write("hello world!")
dobj.setCursor(0, cols - 1)
dobj.setCursor(rows - 1, 0)
for i in range(cols):
    dobj.write(chr(ord('A') + i))


Ultrasonic Ranger

from grove.grove_ultrasonic_ranger import GroveUltrasonicRanger
import time

sonar = GroveUltrasonicRanger(12) # pin12, slot D12

print('Detecting distance...')
while True:
    print('{} cm'.format(sonar.get_distance()))
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