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Creating the future of Torah.


  1. Sefaria-Project Sefaria-Project Public

    New Interfaces for Jewish Texts

    JavaScript 643 261

  2. Sefaria-Export Sefaria-Export Public

    Structured Jewish texts and metadata exported from Sefaria's database.

    241 158

  3. Sefaria-Mobile Sefaria-Mobile Public

    Sefaria for iOS and Android

    JavaScript 31 19

  4. Sefaria-SQL Sefaria-SQL Public

    Converts Sefaria-Export to SQL database

    Java 21 13

  5. Sefaria-Data Sefaria-Data Public

    Source files, scripts and data imported to Sefaria.

    77 60

  6. Sefaria-Embedded Sefaria-Embedded Public

    Provides embedding interfaces (iFrames, images) for the Sefaria texts

    Python 8 8


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