An implementation of Facebook's photo browser
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FB Gallery Example with Storyboard
FB Gallery Example
FB Gallery


This project is an attempt to re-implement the experience of inaction from facebook timeline to photo browser and to figure out how the animations are done. I may not completely implement all features in it. The demo is to illustrate how can be done.
The photo browser part is developed based on MWPhotoBrowser.

2013-05-19 Add different handling for browsing another image in photo browser
2013-05-18 Examples with Nib and storyboard
2013-05-16 Use MWPhotoBrowser as image viewer (Sorry im lazy lol)

Video Demo


  • Orientation handling
  • FB-like Photo description

Happy Coding!

ScreenShot   ScreenShot

I'd love to include your contributions. Feel free to improve it, send comments or suggestions. Please let me know if you have great idea on it.

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