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Selenium 3.7.1

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@ddavison ddavison released this 15 Dec 17:45
· 9834 commits to trunk since this release


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  • 87ea6faff5 - Update Python changelog for 3.7.0 :: AutomatedTester
  • 24ac288d74 - Actually publish the html runner :: Simon Stewart
  • 6a198866d7 - [Grid] Add support for customizing the Grid Registry :: Doug Simmons
  • a544366a8f - Fixing IEDriverServer x64 compile warning :: Jim Evans
  • 49b4216b38 - Fixing .NET language bindings command-line build :: Jim Evans
  • 08ee07f2ef - Updating IEDriverServer for 3.7 release :: Jim Evans
  • 1c4b358c32 - Update changelog for 3.7.0 :: Alex Rodionov
  • e46eb5763f - Send W3C capabilities in the new session request. (#4974) :: Jason Juang
  • 647420b03e - [js] Removed various browsers from the list of "standard" browser names supported by selenium-webdriver. :: Jason Leyba
  • d4d1108778 - [js] Remove more functions from firefox.Profile that are just holdovers from the legacy FirefoxDriver :: Jason Leyba
  • 4e14ea146b - [js] Simplify the API for configuring firefox by adding addExtensions() and setPreference() functions to firefox.Options :: Jason Leyba
  • e8efc001bd - [js] Since Firefox 57 removes support for legacy add-ons, there's no need to keep around the logic for parsing or installing those add-ons in a profile. :: Jason Leyba
  • 5520ee7571 - [js] random code cleanup :: Jason Leyba
  • 5bd212e386 - [js] code clean-up/simplification :: Jason Leyba
  • 8edc13bdf0 - [js] Remove support for requiredCapabilities from WebDriver.createSession :: Jason Leyba
  • 81334994d9 - [js] Remove the unnecessary normalizeProxyConfiguration function :: Jason Leyba
  • 661a196152 - [js] Updates for proxy handling :: Jason Leyba
  • adb47d4661 - [js] Bump the minimum supported version of node to 8.9.0 LTS :: Jason Leyba
  • 6e66b0513f - [js] Fix docs example on proxy.socks() :: Jason Leyba
  • d17e0acaf0 - Add python syntax highlighting (#5014) :: 1kastner
  • d5d3cb4d15 - Implementing ability to not send shutdown command to the driver servers that don't support it. :: Alexei Barantsev
  • 373261bd0d - Sending geckodriver logs to stderr by default. Default log level is low enough, so the log does not look polluted. Ufortunately, geckodriver does not allow to separate its own log from the browser logs, so messages from the browser log can appear in the log even on the lowest level. :: Alexei Barantsev
  • 9117aa7777 - Fixing the rule that collects third party libs required for distribution package. :: Alexei Barantsev
  • 3b8364d7bc - Bump java version to 3.7 :: Simon Stewart
  • 6c27816c9b - Update changelog for java :: Simon Stewart
  • b66efc8f47 - Ensure that we forward metadata in the new session payload :: Simon Stewart