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April 17, 2019: Released Parliament™ version 2.7.12. Changes of note:

  • Parliament was recently moved to this GitHub project from its long-time home on SemWebCentral

  • Added a SWRL rules engine

  • Added a script to install Parliament as a service/daemon on systemd-based Linux distributions, including CentOS and Ubuntu

  • Long-running queries now time out

  • Added linear growth settings for Parliament's resource and statement tables

  • The inference engine now recognizes classes to be subclasses of themselves

  • Decreased the likelihood that an ungraceful shutdown will corrupt the data files

  • Fixed numerous bugs

Parliament™ Introduction

Parliament™ is a high-performance triple store and reasoner designed for the Semantic Web. Parliament's initial development was funded by DARPA through the DAML program under the name DAML DB and was extended by Raytheon BBN Technologies (BBN) for internal use in its R&D programs. BBN released Parliament as an open source project under the BSD license on SemWebCentral in 2009. In 2018, BBN migrated the Parliament open source project to GitHub under the same license.

Parliament™ is a trademark of Raytheon BBN Technologies. It is so named because a group of owls is properly called a parliament of owls.