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How to setup a Property for a PHP Unit Test #1340

WolfgangFahl opened this Issue Jan 1, 2016 · 2 comments


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WolfgangFahl commented Jan 1, 2016

While working on to fix #232 I am stuck at the point where I need to setup a Property of Type Text first before running the test case.

I want to make sure that in SMW_DataValue.php at
a text type value is parsed.

I have debugged quite a few test cases that come past this point but I just don't get how to create a Property first. The closest i could find are

  • the newDataValueProvider in SubobjectTest and
  • the FixtureProperties in Tests/Utils/Fixtures/Properties
  • the typeIdValueDataProvider in DataValueFactoryTest

How can I "create" and activate such a Property so that setting the value of the property in a test will make sure that the code for the corresponding SMW_DV_String.php class is called instead of SMW_DV_WikiPage which most of the tests end up with?

I am mostly confused by
SMW_DataItem and SMW_DataValue as outlined in:

I do not understand the complexity behind this. I'd like to create a Property of type Text as if I had created a property Page with content
[[has type::Text]]

This is the closest I could get so far:

     * test that <tag></tag> content can be parsed e.g. <pre>Some text</pre>
     * @since 2.4
     * @author Wolfgang Fahl
    public function testTagParsing() {
        $property->setUserValue("[[has type::Text]]");

        $params = array( 'Foo=sometext','BarText=<pre>Some text</pre>');
        $expected = array(
                'errors' => 0,
                'propertyCount'  => 2,
                'propertyLabels' => array( 'Foo','BarText' ),
                'propertyValues' => array( 'Sometext','<pre>Some text</pre>' )

The two lines

$property->setUserValue("[[has type::Text]]");

seem to show my complete misunderstanding of how Property declaration in code works.

I can see that the json-script based tests described:

would get me much closer to what I want. But there again a lot of complexity is added around handling the json so that this is too awkward an approach especially since I really want to programmatically create a property and understand how that works.

The PropertyRegistry class did not enlighten me either.
The static registerProperty($id,$typeid,$label, ....) function in SMW_DI_Property looks promising, but it says it's deprecated. The functio PropertyRegistry::registerProperty on the other hand is marked as being "internal only". This confuses me.


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mwjames commented Jan 1, 2016


Unless there is a specific test purpose, a DV (as in PropertyValue) shouldn't be constructed by hand and instead the DataValueFactory should be used.

$property->setUserValue("[[has type::Text]]");

This will not work, as this meant for the parser to handle and not to be used when constructing a DV.

How to setup a "Text" type property

A very simple example can be seen below (DI == is how the DB or storage engine sees an object, DV == is how an application interacts with an entity including, wikitext/html representation etc).

public function testTextDV() {

    $property = new DIProperty( 'Foo' );
    $property->setPropertyTypeId( '_txt' );

    // Using a dedicated property to created a DV
    $dataValue = DataValueFactory::getInstance()->newPropertyObjectValue(
        'Some text'


        'Some text',

or as a more elaborate construct:

public function testTextDV() {

    $store = $this->getMockBuilder( '\SMW\Store' )

    $store->expects( $this->at( 0 ) )
        ->method( 'getPropertyValues' )
        ->will( $this->returnValue( array(
            new DIWikiPage( 'SomePropertyToBeBlob', SMW_NS_PROPERTY ) ) ) );

    $store->expects( $this->at( 1 ) )
        ->method( 'getPropertyValues' )
            $this->equalTo( new DIWikiPage( 'SomePropertyToBeBlob', SMW_NS_PROPERTY ) ),
            $this->anything() )
        ->will( $this->returnValue( array(
            \SMWDIUri::doUnserialize( '' ) ) ) );

    // Inject the store as a mock object due to DIProperty::findPropertyTypeID finding the
    // type dynamically when called without explicit declaration
    ApplicationFactory::getInstance()->registerObject( 'Store', $store );

    // Create a DV from a string value instead of using a dedicated typed
    // property (used by #set, #subobject since the user input is a string and not
    // a typed object)
    $dv = DataValueFactory::getInstance()->newPropertyValue(
        'Some text'


        'Some text',

    // Reset instance to avoid issues with tests that follow hereafter

@mwjames mwjames added the question label Jan 1, 2016

@mwjames mwjames closed this Feb 3, 2016

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