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Reporter for Ginkgo to make some nice output in Goland
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Goland Ginkgo Reporter

Ginkgo does not output results in a format which can be converted into JSON (via go tool test2json, which is used by Goland to get a list of output.

This reporter will trick test2json into outputting the Ginkgo specs similar to go test output.

Ginkgo output in Goland's "Run" window


In your suite replace RunSpecs(t, "Integration Suite") with the following:

golandReporter := golandreporter.NewGolandReporter()
RunSpecsWithCustomReporters(t, "Integration Suite", []Reporter{golangReporter})

If you want to retain normal Ginkgo formatting when using it from the CLI the best option is to use an environment variable in your Run Configuration, and use it like this:

RunSpecsWithCustomReporters(t, "Integration Suite", []Reporter{golandreporter.NewAutoGolandReporter})
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