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WHMCS is considered as a must have tool for the hosting domain and server providers. WHMCS add-on allows you to send automated SMS message to your clients on defined actions, such as when they place a new order, register, password change, payment status and more. You can even receive alerts as administrator on events like when a new client is added, on new ticket and more. ###Download plugin here MSG91-WHMCS with PHP 5.5 and ioncube loader version 4.X
MSG91-WHMCS with PHP 5.4 and ioncube loader version 4.X

How to Install

###Version-2 change log *Removed SMS subscribe option.
*Removed Custom gsm field.
*Messages will be sent as per user country (International Messages).
*Removed unicode and flash sms options.
*Improved debugging.
*Added variables in Send SMS.
*Design improvement.