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Boilerplate app for sensenet SPA development with React and Typescript
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Boilerplate app for sensenet SPA development with React and Typescript

Package content

  • An example Hello World React SPA with sensenet repository login, written in Typescript
  • An example Jest test with Enzyme 👓
  • Preconfigured Webpack build 🧱
  • prettier and eslint 💅
  • husky lint & prettier precommit hook ⚓

Getting started

Be sure that you have installed a GIT client, Node.JS (latest or LTS). You can use NPM or Yarn.

Using as a template

  1. Create a GIT repository with this template
  2. Clone your repository with git clone <enter-your-git-repo-url-here>
  3. cd into the cloned directory
  4. Install the package dependencies with npm install or yarn install

Starting the dev server

  1. Start the Webpack dev server with npm run start or yarn start
  2. You can browse the app once the build has been finished at http://localhost:8080/

Building the project

You can simply run npm run build or yarn build to create the bundle. It will saved to the ./bundle directory

Running tests

  1. Simply run npm run test or yarn test to run the tests. A coverage report will be also generated to the ./coverage directory

Application Structure

- src
  | - assets
  | | - static assets like images, fonts, etc...
  | - components
  | | - generic components like forms, buttons, inputs
  | - context
  | | - React contexts and context providers
  | - hooks
  | | - Custom React hooks like useRepository or useCurrentUser.
  | ...
  | main / container components, layouts
  | ...
  | - app.tsx - The main entry point of your application
  | - index.tsx - React and Sensenet Repository initialization
  | - style.css - generic css overrides

Recommended goodies

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