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Welcome to Sentia

Sentia has been making great software locally in Sydney since 2006. In that time, we've amassed over 500,000 mobile app downloads and 2,000,000 web app users. We’re a family of keen web and mobile developers who love collaborating to create useful, usable, beautiful and sustainable software with the best available technologies and techniques. We specialise in Ruby on Rails, iOS & Android development across web and mobile, but we'll use other technologies when it makes sense for the project. For us, it's all about using the right tool for the job that facilitates swift development and a build with a long life span.


  1. twilio-ruby Public

    Forked from twilio/twilio-ruby

    A Ruby gem for communicating with the Twilio API and generating TwiML


  2. rubocop Public

    Central rubocop for all rails projects



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