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CAPSLOCK - Warlock summon addon
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Capslock 0.4.0-beta1: UI update, handling leavers now! Apr 18, 2018

The CAPSLOCK Project

About the CAPSLOCK Project

CAPSLOCK is an addon which helps Warlocks with summoning many people, like before a raid for example.

CAPSLOCK introduce a summon queue, which raid members can join by typing !summon in raid chat or by whisper. All Warlocks with the addon installed can see the active queue.

When summoning, the Warlocks just click the Summon Next button. The addon will automatically select the next target in the queue, so locks are not attempting to summon same person.

Summon priority is given to other locks, so summoning can be optimized. Also, the addon will check if target is eligible for a summon:

  • Target must be online
  • Target must be alive
  • If lock is in an instance, the target must be in that instance as well!
  • Also, there must be at least 2 other people in vicinity of the lock to assist with clicking the portal.


The idea if the CAPSLOCK addon was originally launched by the Locks in the Goldshire Golfclub guild on VanillaGaming as a copy of the resurrection addon Thaliz - just for summoning.

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