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Boris Computational Spintronics
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Boris Computational Spintronics.

C++14 used. As a rough idea of codebase size, at the last count there were 119818 lines of code in 408 files. A full compilation without precompiled headers takes around 30 mins.


Latest compiled version with installer found here :


Latest manual rolled in with installer, also found here in the Manual directory together with examples.

External Dependencies

CUDA 9.2 or newer :


If compiling with GRAPHICS 0 flag, then you also need the latest SFML version : With GRAPHICS 1 flag currently using DirectX 11, but plan to switching to SFML entirely in the near future for portability.


Currently only Windows 7 and Windows 10 supported. Porting to Linux is planned (there are a number of Windows-specific functions which need to be replaced but not too difficult; graphics code will need to be rewritten in SFML, but for now GRAPHICS 0 compilation flag can be set, enabling only a basic text console but otherwise with full functionality; other than this the rest of the code should port without problems - in theory!).


Contributions are welcome.

The most straightforward type of contribution is in the form of new computational modules. A simple procedure can be followed to add self-contained modules. Similar procedures are in place for adding new types of computational meshes and material parameters. Documentation on these will be uploaded soon.

Building From Source

Instructions will be provided soon.


A technical peer-reviewed publication on Boris to follow soon.

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