Dotnet command line tool for stored procedures generation
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Stored procedures generator for SQL Server written in .NET Core tools

You can learn more about global tools here:

Usage: dotnet storedprocsgen [options]

Options: -?|-h|--help Show help information

-s|--server Server name

-d|--database Database name

-t|--table Table name

-k|--kind Procedure kind: update|delete|insert|search|getbyid

-p|--prefix Stored procedure prefix

--drop Generate drop statement

-r|--rowVersionColumn Row version column name

-pc|--parentColumn Parent column name

-e|--search_columns Search columns, separated by |

-o|--order_by_columns Order by columns, separated by |

This tool generates stored procedures. Use -s to specify server name and -d for the database name. SSPI will be used.

Example for search generation: dotnet storedprocsgen -s . -d ContactManager -t Company -k search --drop -e City -o City

To install run

dotnet tool install dotnet-storedprocsgen -g