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My personal blog, powered by Miniakio 2.
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A Little About

The Miniakio 2 instructions on my blog(Chinese):

This is my blog source code, powered by Tornado web framework.It's not yet a static blog generator, but it's really simple and lightweight,it has a blog engine must features, such as Category, Tag, Post, Page, Feed,now it's use sqlite3 database.

You need use Markdown markup language written post with your favorite editor, sign in blog hostname:port/auth/signin (username and password in and go to /post/new post it.Picky type post, just go to /post/picky upload your markdown file.

Post Example

Post (see example/

# Title

- slug: title
- published: 2012-06-26 19:00
- tags: Test, Tornado, Python
- category: Work


This Content....

import math

print math.sqrt(9)

Picky compare with Post,no tags, category and slug(see picky folder).

Installation and Basic Usage


  1. Tornado
  2. misaka
  3. pygments
  • Get this: git clone
  • If you use Python3, you should git checkout python3
  • Install required package: pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Create Sqlite3 database: edit and python -o createdb
  • Disqus support: change miniakio/templates/post.html disqus_shortname into your username.
  • Production suggest: See My blog(Chinese)



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