Driver and sample code for ILI9341-based TFT displays designed for ESP8266 chip
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Port of modified Adafruit library for ILI9341-based TFT displays.

Original lib:

The library is extended with text rendering routines got from here:

Original hspi code:

The sample project is to be built with ESP8266 Unofficial Development Kit aka UDK.

ILI9341 driver

The driver itself and needed dependencies are in /driver and /include/driver. The driver is written in C++ which is not well supported by ESP8266 toolchain and sdk, so some dirty hack is needed to properly contstruct C++ objects. The code for this is in user/routines.cpp.

SPI staff

In spite of the fact that according to the datasheet max ILI9341's clock speed is 10MHz mine robustly works at up to 40MHz so I added SPI speed prescaler macro at the beginning of hspi.c. Defining it to 1 means HSPI will be clocked at 40MHz, 4 means 10 MHz.

Sample code

The sample code consists of two parts:

  1. Rotating cube

  2. Sample HVAC controller UI (for the extended version of this:

What to demonstrate is controlled by macro UIDEMO defined at the beginning of user_main.cpp. If it's defined then the sample HVAC controller UI is shown, else, the rotating cube is rendered.


The code uses hardware HSPI with hardware controlled CS, so the wiring shall be as follows:

ILI9341 pin --> ESP8266 pin


CLK --> GPIO14

CS --> GPIO15

DC --> GPIO2

Reset to 3.3v

GND to ground

MISO may be left unconnected