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ServiceStack V3

This is project is an archive containing documentation and content available for the legacy v3 BSD release of ServiceStack.

See the wiki for the available documentation on v3


Referencing v3 packages in New Projects

If you want a new project to use ServiceStack's v3 packages then you need to specify the version number when installing via NuGet, e.g:

PM> Install-Package ServiceStack -Version 3.9.71

All v3 packages can be installed the same way, e.g install ServiceStack.Text and ServiceStack.Redis with:

PM> Install-Package ServiceStack.Text -Version 3.9.71
PM> Install-Package ServiceStack.Redis -Version 3.9.71

How to install if using NuGet 2.8+ or higher

NuGet changed their dependency resolution behavior in 2.8. To restore the existing behavior of downloading the highest matching versions you need to add -DependencyVersion Highest, e.g:

PM> Install-Package ServiceStack -Version 3.9.71 -DependencyVersion Highest

Overriding NuGet's dependency resolution

Often times it can be easier to avoid NuGet's default dependency resolution and just specify the packages for each of the dependencies you want installed, e.g:

PM> Install-Package ServiceStack -IgnoreDependencies -Version 3.9.71
PM> Install-Package ServiceStack.Text -IgnoreDependencies -Version 3.9.71
PM> Install-Package ServiceStack.Redis -IgnoreDependencies -Version 3.9.71

Existing Projects

Existing ServiceStack v3 NuGet packages already have a [3,4) version constraint applied to them which should prevent them from implicitly upgrading to the latest v4+ packages when installing other dependencies.

The latest v4 ServiceStack packages requires accepting an end-user license to install the packages, this dialog only appears for v4 packages so if this dialog appears when upgrading ServiceStack, decline and use the NuGet Package Manager Console:

PM> Update-Package ServiceStack -Version 3.9.71

Uninstalling an existing version

If you've mistakingly installed the wrong version of ServiceStack, it can be easily uninstalled with:

PM> Uninstall-Package ServiceStack -Force

NuGet package authors with a dependency on ServiceStack

If you maintain a NuGet package that has a dependency on any ServiceStack package, it can be constrained to use only v3 packages by specifying the version="[3,4)" version constraint in your ServiceStack dependency, e.g:

<dependency id="ServiceStack" version="[3,4)" />

More info about versioning is available on NuGet.


Whilst there is no official direct or commercial support for the legacy v3 releases, StackOverflow remains the optimal place to ask for support. Please tag the question as [servicestack-bsd] when asking a new question.

As there is no manual Q/A process for v3 releases, any new fixes contributed must be accompanied by unit or integration tests verifying the fix and must not change existing behavior, cause any regressions to the existing test suite or otherwise break backwards compatibility to the existing code-base.

See the contributing guide for more details.

Source code for V3

The BSD source code for ServiceStack v3 is available in the v3 branches, i.e:

Example projects, use-cases, template and demos


Content for ServiceStack v3






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