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Welcome to svyPDFViewer!

This wiki provides comprehensive documentation for using the svyPDFViewer web-component, which makes viewing PDF documents in Servoy's NGClient easy and intuitive.

Getting Started

It's easy to get started. Simply import the web package via Servoy's Web Package Manager.

If you like to see a sample, install the example solution, [svyPDFViewerExample.servoy] (

Example Usage

Load document using absolute URL

elements.pdfViewer.documentURL = '';

Load document using URL which is relative to the web application's root context. For example:

elements.pdfViewer.documentURL = 'reports/test.pdf'; 

API Documentation

Property Summary

Type Name Description
String documentURL The URL of the PDF document
String noCache Indicates if caching should be disabled

Method Summary

Return Type Method Description
void reload ReLoads the document in the viewer.
void loadDocument (Re)Loads the document in the viewer. Deprecated. Use documentURL instead

Method Details


Reloads the document. Use in combination with noCache. Call this method when document has changed on the server.


Deprecated. Use documentURL instead

Property Details


Type String The URL of the PDF document. Can be absolute or relative.


Type Boolean Indicates if caching should be disabled. Set to true when PDF might change on the server.

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