Advanced Motor Drive Controller Hardware
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STEP Files

Advanced Motor Drive Controller (AMDC) Hardware

AMDC is a platform that provides relevent interfaces which can be used to control power electronics. The AMDC hardware is a PCB that serves as a carrier card for a PicoZed SoM.

The provided interfaces include:

  • 48 digital output channels (able to provide PWM signals for 8 three phase, two level inverters)
  • 16 analog input channels (+- 15V differential input)
  • 24 channel general purpose I/O
  • Quadrature encoder input

AMDC Block Diagram


This project originated as Nathan Petersen's Independent Study project during Spring 2018, advised by Prof. Eric Severson. It is now actively maintained by the Severson Research Group as a hardware platform for the AMDC system. Open source firmware is forthcoming.

Repository Structure

The altium directory contains all files pertaining to schematics / board design in Altium Designer. These files should be the latest working copy of the project.

The REVyyyymmdd* directories represent snapshots of the project that were used to produce a physical PCB. These directories contain the Gerber, Drill (Excellon format), Bill of Materials (XLS), and Schematic (PDF) files.

  • REV indicates a revision of design for manufacturing
  • yyyymmdd indicates the date on which design was frozen
  • * (letter) indicates which revision in sequence (A - first, B - second, etc.)