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Statistics Lectures

For the last few years I've been using Rstudio to create HTML5 presentations in Rmarkdown's IOslides. This works great except that I have to change mij source files every new year if there are changes in the curriculum.

So now I've thought of a setup where I create seperate .rmd files for every topic I teach and generate IOslides using a template where I specify which topics should be added.


The template folder contains the main file used to generate IOslides. To create a new lecture, just open the template and save as a new lecture in courses/coursename/lecturename.rmd. In this file add the topics available in topics. Refer to the .rmd files in the topic folder.


This folder contains all topics covered in my teaching. New topics can be added by creating a new topic folder and inside the folder a new topic .rmd file. The .rmd file has no YAML header, just a first section heading # and subsequent ## headings.


In this folder courses are added and in each course, lectures are available. I plan to copy the current course for the next year and change course content where nessesary.

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Lectures and topics hosted on GitHub.