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Remove outdated patches

Signed-off-by: Shahbaz Youssefi <>
latest commit ec65d07481
@ShabbyX authored
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addons Merge with magma May-12-2015
base Remove outdated patches
doc Avoid and the forced initial configure
m4 Fix comedilib headers
rtai-lab Merge with magma May-12-2015
rtai-py Merge with magma May-12-2015
showroom Merge with magma May-12-2015
testsuite Merge with magma May-12-2015
.gitignore Merge with magma May-12-2015
ChangeLog Fix automatic reconfig on Linux config change
Makefile Fix automatic reconfig on Linux config change Avoid and the forced initial configure
README.INSTALL Avoid and the forced initial configure
README.ISOLCPUS Update to magma Feb-4-2015
README.LXRT_EXTS_IN_USE Update magma (Sept. 2 2013)
README.SMI RTAI 3.9 Update Merge with magma May-12-2015


Welcome to the master branch of the RTAI repository!

This branch has many additional features, bug fixes, performance enhancements, and many other things that are NOT supported by the official RTAI developers.

This repository does not keep track of RTAI's history before version 3.9, which is the initial commit of this repository.

Branch magma tracks the official CVS branch of the upstream RTAI repository. Branch vulcano is not tracked, since it's conceptually a tag on magma.

Please refer to the README.INSTALL file for build instructions.

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