Frequently Asked Questions

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░ Using CrackShot weapons with other plugins

Method 1 - The Skip_Name_Check node

You can use the Skip_Name_Check node to convert items with particular item IDs into CrackShot weapons.

Example usage:

Item_Type: 264~10
Skip_Name_Check: true

All items on the server with an item ID of 264:10 will be automatically converted into that particular CrackShot weapon. Hence, you can now simply give your players 264:10 via other plugins.

Method 2 - The Enchantment_To_Check node

You can use the Enchantment_To_Check node to convert items with particular enchantments into CrackShot weapons.

Example usage:

Item_Type: 264
Enchantment_To_Check: SILK_TOUCH-2

All items on the server with an item ID of 264 as well as a Silk Touch II enchantment will be automatically converted into that particular CrackShot weapon. Hence, you can now simply give your players a Diamond (ID: 264) with Silk Touch II.

Method 3 - The CrackShot API

If you are a plugin developer who wishes to add direct support for CrackShot weapons, you can hook into CrackShot and give weapons directly to players using the giveWeapon function.

Method 4 - The CrackShot commands

If the plugin you are using to spawn CrackShot weapons supports commands, such as BuyCraft or CommandSigns, then you can simply utilize the give and get commands of CrackShot to grant weapons to players.

░ Setting up your permissions

As stated in the commands and permissions page, the following permission nodes are granted to all users by default:

  • crackshot.use.all
  • crackshot.craft.all

This means that you must first negate these nodes if you want to specify which weapons you want your players to use, craft, or buy. You can negate nodes on most permissions plugins using a dash -.

Example permissions configuration:

- -crackshot.use.all
- crackshot.use.deagle
- crackshot.use.python

The above configuration will only allow users to use the default weapons Desert Eagle and Python. If you did not negate the crackshot.use.all permission that all players have by default, then they will still have permission to use all CrackShot weapons.

░ The configuration fails to load

If you find that only some or no weapons show up in CrackShot's list command after modifying the configuration, then you have clearly failed to configure the weapons correctly.

YAML follows a very strict format. Make sure that:

  • you have not used any tabs.
  • each node or module is indented correctly.
  • all strings are surrounded by quotes.

If you are really struggling to get your weapons working, here are a list of things you can try:

  • Check the console for errors - Errors printed out in the console will almost always pinpoint the error. For example, if you've accidentally used a tab somewhere, the error message will tell you exactly which line it is located in.
  • Paste your configuration into a YAML parser - An online YAML parser can always be used to help locate the problem.
  • Post your configuration on the forums - Along with myself, there will be a large number of users on the forums who will be happy to help you, given that you post your configuration in its correct format (i.e. with Pastebin or proper formatting codes).

░ Requesting generic default weapons

Example 1: Can you please add Gold Desert Eagle and MP5?
Example 2: Please add G36C!
Example 3: Can you please add a mini-gun in?

These are all silly questions that get asked by people who are very clearly missing the point of the plugin. The default weapons are only there to demonstrate certain features of CrackShot - dual wield, attachments, firearm actions and so forth. Generic weapons that can already be achieved by the plugin will not be thrown in due to personal incompetence. Read the guide and learn to create or modify weapons.

Such requests are almost guaranteed to be dismissed. However, if you are feeling lucky, you can always give the forums a try.