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Its an app to lets you view, download and stream shows from

This is a eclipse android project.

If anyone wants to read about its development of get any of my other apps got to



  • Live RTSP Video Stream

  • Live Audio Stream

  • Categorized Show Feeds

Upcoming features/To Do:

  • Proper Direct Download feature after people autoupdate to the newer UI and I feel comfortable with the permission changes

  • HLS Stream if I decide to change the android version



See contributors for details. Unfortunately this doesn't include TByron who has a nice fork of the application but the code review would take more time than I have to give at the moment.


  • ShaneQful : Irish
  • Citruspers : Dutch
  • Hauke : German
  • RaverTiny : German
  • Tommy Brunn : Swedish
  • SENEQ_o : Romanian
  • David Brassard : French
  • Byron : Hungarian

Notes on anyone wanting to contribute:




Is a ruby script written to produce transaltions files from the csv file of the responses to the google docs form. There is also a small piece of Google App script which put the right two letter code in the last cell of each response if anyone would like it just ask.

Note: This script makes use of bash so is Linux and Mac only.