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A TinyWebDB script compiled with PHP code and JSON.
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PHP TinyWebDB Script for MIT App Inventor 2

Developed by Shaolin Zhang, at Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy, an IB School. Submit issues on GitHub or send email with logs to, I'll look into it.

For more information and user manual, please access


Customize the table name: Replace ‘test’ with any name you want for data to store in, then execute the code. CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS test ( tag varchar (32) NOT NULL, value varchar (255) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (tag) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8;

Set ServiceURL in App Inventor, TinyWebDB component to http:///TinyWebDB_Service.php/

Set the following parameters according to your own MySQL information: $MYSQL_HOST_ADDR = SAE_MYSQL_HOST_M; // Server Address or IP


$MYSQL_USERNAME = SAE_MYSQL_USER; // Database Username

$MYSQL_PASSWORD = SAE_MYSQL_PASS; // Database Password

$MYSQL_DBNAME = SAE_MYSQL_DB; // Database Name

Set table name according to the SQL Query to create table: $DATA_TABLE_NAME = test; // Set table name

After all these steps, open your browser and access http:///TinyWebDB_Service.php/getvalue, if there’s something like:


Congratulations! The database is up and running!


Special thanks to WEIHUA LI at MIT CML.


This file is released under MIT License.

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