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SharkNet Android application - ad-Hoc social network.
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About SharkNet

Setting Up SharkNet

Please refer to the Setup article


This "graphic" shows the relations between the involved projects. The SharkNet-Api-Android currently not only uses the Android SharkFW but also inherits it due to some problems reagrding Android-Libraries depending on other Android-Libraries. SharkNet    |    | uses    v SharkNet-Api-Android => Maps the framework features to objects used in the SharkNet application    |    | uses    v Android SharkFW => Adds Android functionalities like Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, and GPS    |    | extends    v SharkFW => The core framework!


This project requires the SharkFW and the SharkNet-Api-Android to work. The SharkNet-Api-Android is currently set as a git submodule and also as an Android-Library.


Because all projects are developed simultaneously the SharkFW can not yet be accessed via a external repository. So the only way to us eit is to build it locally. Threfor you need to have maven3 installed on your machine. After maven3 is installed and the project was cloned to your local machine you can install it to your local maven repository. It is locaated in linux on ~/.m2. Within the folder of the SharkFW project you need to execute the following maven command to install this project to your local maven repository. mvn clean install. This will load all the necessary dependencies and creates a .jar file with the complete framework. Once installed to your local maven repository the SharkNet-Api-Android can access this framework due to the settings made in gradle. BUT there is still another thing to do. The SharkNet-Api-Android is used as an Android-Library and also as a git submodule so we need to retrieve the latest changes. Once you cloned this repository you have to inside the folder with cd SharkNet and initialize the submodules with the command git submodule update --init --recursive --remote. This will initialize all submodules within this project (currently there is jsut one) and load all the data from the remote.

Future Features

  • exchange profiles via NFC
  • Send images, videos and audio in chat
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