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This is an unofficial re-distribution of the XMDF library that has been ported to run on UNIX-like systems such as Linux and Mac OS X. XMDF is a library produced by the Environmental Modeling Research Laboratory and Brigham Young University which is designed to store scientific data. According to the XMDF website:

XMDF is a C and Fortran language library providing a standard format for the geometry data storage of river cross-sections, 2D/3D structured grids, 2D/3D unstructured meshes, geometric paths through space, and associated time data.

The original source may be obtained from:


XMDF is implemented on top of the HDF5 library, so HDF5 must be installed first. After installing HDF5, the XMDF library may be compiled using the CMake build system:

cd build
cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/path/to/installation/directory
make install

The CMake build system is available at:



Releases based on XMDF 2.1

XMDF-unix 2.1-1

  • First release based on XMDF 2.1. No changes to the origional source code have been made aside from the removal of calls to H5Eget_free as listed under changes made to the 1.9 release.

  • Header files are now installed to include/xmdf/ instead of include/.

  • The changelog, changes.txt from the XMDF project is now included as upstream-changelog.txt.

Releases based on XMDF 1.9

Compared to the original source code for XMDF version 1.9, the following changes have been made:

XMDF-unix 1.9-2

  • The Fortran module is now built and installed.

  • Config files are installed that help other CMake-based projects use XMDF.

XMDF-unix 1.9-1

  • The project has been re-organized to use CMake as a buildsystem instead of VisualStudio.

  • The file xmdf_private.c has been edited to remove references to H5Eget_free, a function which is no longer part of the HDF5 API. This function has been replaced by a plain call to free.