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ASP.Net Identity for Umbraco


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Allows for using OWIN & ASP.Net Identity in Umbraco for front-end members

This project will allow the use of ASP.Net Identity and OWIN to work for Umbraco members on your front-end website. It is compatible with your current members and how passwords are currently hashed - so long as your membership provider is configured for hashing passwords (default) and not encrypting them.

There are some known issues and limitations

Minimum Requirements:

Package version support:

  • Umbraco 8.0.0+ && < 9.0.0 with UmbracoIdentity v7.x and above
  • Umbraco 7.6.0+ && < 8.0.0 with UmbracoIdentity v6.x

UmbracoIdentity is not suitable and will not work with Umbraco 9+. Please see this ticket #145 for more info.

If you are upgrading UmbracoIdentity to a new major version you will need to read these instructions!


The package can be installed with Nuget:

PM> Install-Package UmbracoIdentity

Then follow the 3 installation steps and you will end up with code files installed complete with examples and an integrated demo page that looks like:

UmbracoIdentity demo page

See docs for further details, integration notes, examples, usage, etc...

Copyright & Licence

© 2021 by Shannon Deminick

This is free software and is licensed under the MIT License