This is a wrapper that will allow a connection to the monzo bank API for use within node-red
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This is a node-red package that will allow you to retrive information from monzo, using your access token.

Please Note - Monzo is a bank that is currently only available for UK residents.

This is an easy to use node, all you have to do is input a access token and select what information you want under the request dropdown.


Install via npm
npm install node-red-contrib-monzo

Getting your temporary token

To get your access token you will need to go to "" and log in with your monzo account, you will see your access token on the playground page. This token will last roughly 6 hours.

Getting your permanent token

In order to have permanent authentication, this will require you to set up a monzo API client see "", so that you can have a clientID and a API secret. (please note, the client will need Confidential set to TRUE, otherwise it will not automatically refresh). If node-red is left not running, the system will lose its window to refresh its token, meaning the next time you run node-red, your token will be invalid. You will need to re-authorise.

How to use this node.

After you have placed the node, enter its configuration you can either add a temporary token or a clientID and API secret. If you added the clientID and secret you will now need to go through the authentication process by clicking "Authenticate With Monzo". Once a access token is added, select the request type you would like to do. To make a request simply inject anything into the input node to get a response from the output node.


This node can retreive three kinds of information from your monzo account.

  • Account Information
  • Balance Information
  • Pots