Python API for PriceMinister WebServices
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Shiba is a Python package that provides interfaces to PriceMinister Web services. Currently, all features works with Python 2.7 and Python3.4.

Shiba supports all the Web services introduced by the PriceMinister developper blog.

The goal of Shiba is to provide PriceMinister active buyers/sellers an easy way to do their daily tasks for a good management of their account.


Install via pip:

$ pip install shiba

Install from source:

$ git clone git://
$ cd shiba
$ python install

Quick starting with Shiba

Import the shibaconnection module first, then the module(s) you wish to work with.

Instance the ShibaConnection class with your credentials, then instance the other modules with the newly created ShibaConnection instance.

You're good to go!


from Shiba.shibaconnection import ShibaConnection
from Shiba.salesmanagement import SalesManagement

connection = ShibaConnection("mylogin", "mytoken")
sales = SalesManagement(connection)
newsales = sales.get_new_sales()

Testing Shiba

Shiba comes with its bunch of tests. Please refer to documentation for some information about testing options.


Documentation is available on GitHub pages.

Extra documentation from the PriceMinister developper blog might be useful.

Feel free to comment, report bugs, or even contribute!

Thank you!