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This library is a layer on top of Friendly, so you must learn that first. But it is very easy to learn.

Getting Started

Install Friendly.FormsStandardControls from NuGet

Install-Package Ong.Friendly.FormsStandardControls

Friendly.FormsStandardControls defines the following classes.
They can operate WinForms control easily from a separate process.

  • FormsButton
  • FormsCheckBox
  • FormsCheckedListBox
  • FormsComboBox
  • FormsControlBase
  • FormsDataGridView
  • FormsDateTimePicker
  • FormsLinkLabel
  • FormsListBox
  • FormsListView
  • FormsMaskedTextBox
  • FormsMonthCalendar
  • FormsNumericUpDown
  • FormsProgressBar
  • FormsRadioButton
  • FormsRichTextBox
  • FormsTabControl
  • FormsTextBox
  • FormsToolStrip
  • FormsToolStripButton
  • FormsToolStripComboBox
  • FormsToolStripItem
  • FormsToolStripTextBox
  • FormsTrackBar
  • FormsTreeView

var process = Process.GetProcessesByName("WPFTarget")[0];  
using (var app = new WindowsAppFriend(process))  
    dynamic main = app.Type(typeof(Application)).OpenForms[0];  
    var grid = new FormsDataGridView(main._grid);  
    grid.EmulateChangeCellText(0, 0, "abc");  
    grid.EmulateChangeCellComboSelect(1, 0, 2);  
    grid.EmulateCellCheck(2, 0, true);  

More samples.

For other GUI types, use the following libraries:

If you use PinInterface, you map control simple.

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