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(in-package #:org.shirakumo.fraf.leaf)
(defclass v0 (version) ())
(defvar *load-world*)
(define-decoder (world v0) (info packet)
(let* ((world (apply #'make-instance 'world :packet packet info))
(*load-world* world))
;; Load world extensions
(destructuring-bind (&key sources initial-state)
(first (parse-sexps (packet-entry "system.lisp" packet :element-type 'character)))
;; Fixup world pool
(reinitialize-instance (find-pool 'world) :base (entry-path "data/" packet))
;; Register regions
(dolist (entry (list-entries "regions/" packet))
(with-packet (packet packet :offset entry)
(let ((name (getf (second (parse-sexps (packet-entry "meta.lisp" packet :element-type 'character)))
(setf (gethash name (regions world)) entry))))
;; Load sources
(dolist (source sources)
(with-packet-entry (stream source packet :element-type 'character)
;; FIXME: Compile sources somehow (write out to disk first?)
(cl:load stream :verbose NIL :print NIL)))
;; Load storyline
(let ((storyline (parse-sexps (packet-entry "storyline.lisp" packet :element-type 'character))))
(setf (storyline world) (decode 'quest:storyline storyline)))
;; Set initial state without loading it
(setf (initial-state world)
(minimal-load-state (entry-path initial-state packet))))
(define-encoder (world v0) (_b packet)
;; KLUDGE: Can't save any more than this as we lost the info during compilation.
;; External tools are necessary to edit the source.
(list :author (author world)
:version (version world)))
(define-decoder (quest:storyline v0) (info _p)
(let ((table (make-hash-table :test 'eq)))
;; Read in things
(loop for (type . initargs) in info
for entry = (decode type initargs)
do (setf (gethash (name entry) table) entry))
;; Connect them up
(loop for (type . initargs) in info
for entry = (gethash (getf initargs :name) table)
do (etypecase entry
(dolist (effect (getf initargs :effects))
(quest-graph:connect entry (gethash effect table))))
(dolist (effect (getf initargs :effects))
(quest-graph:connect entry (gethash effect table)))
(dolist (trigger (getf initargs :triggers))
(quest-graph:connect entry (gethash trigger table))))
;; Compile storyline
;; TODO: We can do this ahead of time into an optimised format by taking out
;; conditions and invariants into a separate file, giving each a unique
;; name. We can then COMPILE-FILE this and refer directly to the functions
;; in the optimised format.
(loop for entry being the hash-values of table
when (typep entry 'quest-graph:quest)
collect entry)
:quest-type 'quest)))
(define-decoder (quest-graph:quest v0) (info _p)
(destructuring-bind (&key name title description &allow-other-keys) info
(make-instance 'quest-graph:quest :name name :title title :description description)))
(define-decoder (quest-graph:task v0) (info _p)
(destructuring-bind (&key name title description invariant condition &allow-other-keys) info
(make-instance 'quest-graph:task :name name :title title :description description
:invariant invariant :condition condition)))
(define-decoder (quest-graph:interaction v0) (info packet)
(destructuring-bind (&key name interactable dialogue) info
(let ((dialogue (packet-entry dialogue packet :element-type 'character)))
(make-instance 'quest-graph:interaction :name name :interactable interactable :dialogue dialogue))))
(define-decoder (region v0) (info packet)
(let* ((region (apply #'make-instance 'region info))
(content (parse-sexps (packet-entry "data.lisp" packet :element-type 'character))))
(loop for (type . initargs) in content
do (enter (decode type initargs) region))
(define-encoder (region v0) (_b packet)
(with-packet-entry (stream "data.lisp" packet :element-type 'character)
(for:for ((entity over region))
(princ* (encode entity) stream)))
(list :name (name region)
:author (author region)
:version (version region)
:description (description region)))
(define-decoder (player v0) (initargs _p)
(destructuring-bind (&key location) initargs
(make-instance 'player :location (decode 'vec2 location))))
(define-encoder (player v0) (_b _p)
`(player :location ,(encode (location player))))
(define-decoder (chunk v0) (initargs packet)
(destructuring-bind (&key name location size tileset layers children) initargs
(let ((chunk (make-instance 'chunk :name name
:location (decode 'vec2 location)
:size (decode 'vec2 size)
:tileset (decode 'asset tileset)
:absorption-map (similar-asset (decode 'asset tileset) '-absorption)
:layers (loop for file in layers
collect (packet-entry file packet)))))
(loop for (type . initargs) in children
do (enter (decode type initargs) chunk))
(define-encoder (chunk v0) (_b packet)
(let ((layers (loop for i from 0
for layer across (layers chunk)
;; KLUDGE: no png saving lib handy. Hope ZIP compression is Good Enough
for path = (format NIL "data/~a-~d.raw" (name chunk) i)
do (setf (packet-entry path packet) layer)
collect path))
(children (for:for ((entity over chunk)
(_ collect (encode entity))))))
`(chunk :name ,(name chunk)
:location ,(encode (location chunk))
:size ,(encode (size chunk))
:tileset ,(encode (tileset chunk))
:layers ,layers
:children ,children)))
(define-decoder (background v0) (initargs _)
(destructuring-bind (&key texture) initargs
(make-instance 'background :texture (decode 'asset texture))))
(define-encoder (background v0) (_b _p)
`(background :texture ,(encode (texture background))))
(define-decoder (falling-platform v0) (initargs _)
(destructuring-bind (&key texture acceleration location) initargs
(make-instance 'falling-platform
:texture (decode 'asset texture)
:acceleration (decode 'vec2 acceleration)
:location (decode 'vec2 location))))
(define-encoder (falling-platform v0) (_b _p)
`(falling-platform :texture ,(encode (texture falling-platform))
:acceleration ,(encode (acceleration falling-platform))
:location ,(encode (location falling-platform))))
(define-decoder (basic-light v0) (initargs _)
(destructuring-bind (&key color data) initargs
(make-instance 'basic-light
:color (decode 'vec4 color)
:data data)))
(define-encoder (basic-light v0) (_b _p)
`(basic-light :color ,(encode (color basic-light))
:data ,(buffer-data (caar (bindings (vertex-array light))))))
(define-decoder (vec2 v0) (data _p)
(destructuring-bind (x y) data
(vec2 x y)))
(define-encoder (vec2 v0) (_b _p)
(list (vx vec2)
(vy vec2)))
(define-decoder (vec3 v0) (data _p)
(destructuring-bind (x y z) data
(vec3 x y z)))
(define-encoder (vec3 v0) (_b _p)
(list (vx vec3)
(vy vec3)
(vz vec3)))
(define-decoder (vec4 v0) (data _p)
(destructuring-bind (x y z w) data
(vec4 x y z w)))
(define-encoder (vec4 v0) (_b _p)
(list (vx vec4)
(vy vec4)
(vz vec4)
(vw vec4)))
(define-decoder (asset v0) (data _p)
(destructuring-bind (pool name) data
(asset pool name)))
(define-encoder (asset v0) (_b _p)
(list (name (pool asset))
(name asset)))
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