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Nuance SpeechKit Cordova plugin implementation
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This is an implementation of Nuance SpeechKit (v2.1+) SDK in Cordova (6.2+).


First create an account in the Nuance Developers site. Then open your account and find the URL and App Key for your account. Include the plugin to your project using standard plugin add commands like

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-nuance-speechkit --variable URL=[your URL here] --variable APP_KEY=[your App Key here]

IMPORTANT: It is not possible to use the plugin without these variables!

Next, add Ionic native binding

npm i -s @ionic-native/speechkit

Add SpeechKit to your module providers section and you are ready


Sample project of Text to speech (Ionic 2)

Find out which languages are supported and what language codes are used


Building for iOS

This plugin uses cordova-plugin-cocoapod-support to download the SpeechKit SDK. When adding plugin outside Apple ecosystem, you have to include the SpeechKit manually.

  • Add cordova-plugin-nuance-speechkit as described in Installation chapter
  • Add iOS platform (it will warn you about missing cocoapod binary)
  • Copy iOS platform to a Mac device and open Xcode
  • Download iOS SDK from Nuance Developer website
  • Move the SpeechKit.framework from extracted archive to Xcode Frameworks section
  • Profit!


  • Speech to text impl (ASR)
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