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Hosted Payment Simulator

This tool will allow you to simulate the redirects and callbacks needed to build an integration using the Hosted Payment SDK. It also serves as a calculator that can be used to verify your signature algorithm.

To use the simulator please familiarize yourself with the Hosted Payment SDK documentation and then:

  1. Add a payment gateway with "Redirect URL" of

  2. Add your gateway to a shop (see "Creating a development store" if you don't have one) and activate it using these credentials:

  • Login - any non-empty value
  • Password - iU44RWxeik
  1. Complete a test purchase on your shop (you may need to add a product first). At the end of checkout you will be redirected to the sceen below.

Offsite Gateway

The various buttons will allow you to simulate the callbacks and redirects required in your integration.

Please email if you have any questions.

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