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Shopify Open Source

Shopify's Open Source page is build with Jekyll and Sass and hosted on GitHub Pages.

All of the data comes from Jekyll. Any change in index.html (including whitespace commits - e.g.) will trigger a rebuild and update all of the numbers.

To include a repo in the list, add it to optInRepos in javascripts/custom-repos.js. The repo must be owned by Shopify. To include non-Shopify repos, use customRepos. Set a defined project language or custom avatar in the same file.

If you want to run it locally

  1. Clone this branch or download the zip and navigate to the folder in terminal
  2. Install Jekyll: gem install jekyll
  3. Install Sass: gem install sass
    • Use sass -v to make sure it worked
  4. Install Compass: gem install compass
  5. Make sure everything is setup with bundle install
  6. Run bundle exec jekyll serve
  7. In another terminal window, run compass watch
  8. Access the page at http://localhost:4000

Notes about local build

  • bundle exec jekyll serve will compile the Jekyll and Sass files into static assets in the _site folder each time a file is saved. That folder is excluded from the repo.
  • compass watch will update ie.css and main.css.
  • Use rake build to manually parse SCSS files.
  • Your local build will be nearly empty because:
    • The page uses Jekyll's site.github.public_repositories object to get the repo data. This data is only available when live.
    • Custom repo data is generated by Github's JS API, so it will show up locally.

Dependencies (all included)