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Storefront API Feedback

Welcome to the new home for all discussions and support regarding the Shopify Storefront API!

Whether you are new to Shopify's developer ecosystem or a seasoned veteran, this is the place where you can ask for help, propose new features, give your opinions, and show off what you have built with the Storefront API.

To power this, we are leveraging GitHub's new Discussions tool within this repository. If you are unfamiliar with GitHub Discussions, here's a link to their official documentation on the feature.


We’ve created four categories to help you find the right place to jump in:

  • Help - Stuck on something you’re trying to build? This is a great place to ask questions, or to see if there’s anyone you can help by answering their questions!
  • Ideas & Feature Requests - We’d love to hear your ideas on how to improve the Storefront API functionality or developer ergonomics, as well as any specific feature requests. We ask that you to first look through the other posts and upvote those before posting to avoid duplicates.
  • RFC - We need your input! Preview and chime in on the design of upcoming features to ensure that they effectively address your commerce needs.
  • Show & Tell - Share your creative examples of the power of Storefront API, and what you’ve built.

If you’d like to learn more about the Storefront API start here.

Please remember this is a public forum. To help you get the most of this space, please adhere to our code of conduct.


The home of discussions and feedback surrounding the evolution of Shopify's Storefront API.




Code of conduct