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Powerful file explorer implemented by Vim script

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Powerful file explorer implemented by Vim script


vimfiler is a powerful file explorer(filer) written by Vim script.


To run vimfiler, execute this command.


If you set g:vimfiler_as_default_explorer to 1, vimfiler behaves as default explorer like netrw.

:let g:vimfiler_as_default_explorer = 1

vimfiler needs unite.vim

Please install unite.vim Ver.3.0(or later) before use vimfiler.

Note: To use 4GB(>) files in vimfiler, vimfiler require +python interface.

Screen shots

vimfiler standard operations

Vimfiler standard operations

vimfiler explorer feature(like NERDTree)

Vimfiler explorer

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