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Powerful file explorer implemented by Vim script
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Powerful file explorer implemented by Vim script


vimfiler is a powerful file explorer(filer) written by Vim script.


To run vimfiler, execute this command.


If you set g:vimfiler_as_default_explorer to 1, vimfiler behaves as default explorer like netrw.

:let g:vimfiler_as_default_explorer = 1

vimfiler needs unite.vim

Please install unite.vim Ver.3.0(or later) before use vimfiler.

Note: To use 2GB(>) files in vimfiler, vimfiler require +lua interface.

Screen shots

vimfiler standard operations

Vimfiler standard operations

vimfiler explorer feature(like NERDTree)

Vimfiler explorer

vimfiler dark theme

Vimfiler dark theme

What are some of the advantages vs other file browsers?

Some VimFiler advantages/differences are:

  • Integration with unite
  • Integration with vimshell
  • Many customization options
  • External sources(for example, unite-ssh)
  • More options(see |vimfiler-options|)
  • Fast(if you use |if_lua| enabled Vim)
  • Column customization
  • Double screen file explorer
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