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:file_folder: Powerful file explorer implemented by Vim script
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A powerful file explorer implemented in Vim script


vimfiler is a powerful file explorer ("filer") written in Vim script.


To start vimfiler, run this command:


If you set g:vimfiler_as_default_explorer to 1, vimfiler will be used as the default explorer (instead of netrw.)

:let g:vimfiler_as_default_explorer = 1

vimfiler depends on unite.vim.

Please install unite.vim 3.0 or later before you install vimfiler.

Note: To use vimfiler with files larger than 2 GB, vimfiler requires Vim to have Lua support (|if_lua|).


Common operations

Vimfiler standard operations

Explorer feature (similar to NERDTree)

Vimfiler explorer

Dark theme

Vimfiler dark theme

What are some of the advantages vimfiler offers compared to other file explorers?

  • Integration with unite
  • Integration with vimshell
  • External sources (for example, unite-ssh)
  • vimfiler is highly customizable.
  • Many options (see |vimfiler-options|)
  • Fast (if your version of Vim has |if_lua| enabled)
  • Column customization
  • Support for more than one screen
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