Calling unite from alias, how to open unite buffer in start-insert? #133

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When executing vexe :Unite directory -start-insert won't open the unite buffer in insert mode for me, is there a work around or any way to fix this


No. vexe is executed command in normal mode.

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I tried with this minimal vimrc

set nocompatible 

let bundles = split('unite.vim;vimshell.vim;vimproc.vim', ';')
let bundles = map(bundles, 'expand("~/.vim/bundle/") . v:val')

execute 'set rtp=' . join(bundles, ',')

1. :VimShell
2. Type and execute :Unite directory -start-insert in vimshell buffer.
3. jjjj or verify I am in normal mode -- I find myself in normal mode while I should be in Insert?

I looked at vexe.vim, I commented out call vimshell#helpers#restore_pos(old_pos) and then i could start Unite with -start-insert.


It is feature now. You should not make minimal .vimrc.

@Shougo Shougo added a commit that referenced this issue Feb 27, 2014
@Shougo Fix #133 add vexe insert option 8cacf43
vexe --insert :Unite directory -start-insert
@Shougo Shougo reopened this Feb 27, 2014
@Shougo Shougo closed this Feb 27, 2014

I tried this change but yours is more flexible, thank you.

    if &ft == 'unite' && unite#get_context().start_insert
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