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Prometheus exporter leveraging Arista EOS API to gather metrics
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This is a Prometheus Exporter for extracting metrics from a Arista Switch using the Arista's eAPI and the Python Client for eAPI pyeapi.

This code is based on a forked version of arista-eapi-exporter from SAP CCloud.

The hostname of the switch has to be passed as target parameter in the http call.

Example Call

if you are logged in to the POD running the exporter you can call

curl http://localhost:9200/arista?target=myswitch.local&modules=tcam,port_stats

The optional parameter modules can have these values at the moment:

  • memory memory statistics
  • tcam information about tcam usage
  • port information about ports - input/output packets, bytes, errors, multicasts, etc
  • sfp information about SFP modules - transmit/receive power, alerts over thresholds, etc
  • bgp information about BGP peers, how many routes they advertise, their status
  • all all of the above. This is the default.

Prerequisites and Installation

The exporter was written for Python 3.6 or newer. To install all modules needed you have to run the following command:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

The config.yml file

  • The listen_port is providing the port on which the exporter is waiting to receive calls.

  • The listen_addr - address on which to listen. Defaults to

  • The credentials for login to the switches can either be added to the config.yaml file or passed via environment variables ARISTA_USERNAME and ARISTA_PASSWORD. The environment overwrites the settings in the config file

  • The loglevel can be specified in the config file. If omitted the default level is INFO

  • The timeout parameter specifies the amount of time to wait for an answer from the switch.

  • The disable_certificate_validation: true needs to be currently set. See the Caveats section for more details.

Example of a config file

listen_port: 9200
username: <your username>
password: <your password>
loglevel: <INFO|DEBUG>
timeout: 20
disable_certificate_validation: true

Example exporter output

Look in the examples/ folder.


Certificate verification

Currently, certificate verification for HTTPS connections doesn't work. We filed an issue with the upstream client library here:

Should it be resolved, we will fix the exporter so it works with certificate validation enabled. For now, you have to explicitly disable certificate validation, because we want the default behavior to be the safe option - validate. After all, you are transferring login credentials to your network infrastructure, and you want to do that over an encrypted and verified channel.

Non-standard metrics

The arista_sfp_alarms metric is not conforming to prometheus standards. The reason for that is that there are multiple alarms (high/low) that you need to compare to the current values in different ways (below/over). The exporter does this all for you, so you only get these metrics if there is an alarm firing.

You can therefore alert directly on arista_sfp_alarms and you get the current sensor value in the alert as well as all the labels.

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