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Persona 4 Golden Mod Menu

Custom scripts for Persona 4 Golden that replace the square button function with a fully featured trainer

See this mod's Gamebanana page! Alternatively, go to this repository for the PSVita version or this one for PS2.

Notable Features

  • Call Menu: Using IDs, call a Field, Dungeon Floor, Battle, Event, Cutscene, BGM/SFX Track, Dungeon or Facility to load
  • Player Menu: Change date/time, Social Link ranks, give yen/items, manage party members
  • Flags: Toggle individual bitflags or entire ranges of them More features will continue to be added as game functions are discovered.

Optional Extensions

Usage (PC)

  1. Follow the Beginner's Guide to Modding Persona 4 Golden if you haven't already got mods setup for P4G.
  2. Install this mod by dragging the latest release of the mod into Aemulus or using the one click install on the Gamebanana page.
  3. Build your Aemulus loadout with this mod enabled and play the game!

Compiling the scripts yourself

You don't have to follow this section if you're merely installing the mod. This is for developers who want to make changes to the mod.

  1. Download the latest build of TGE's AtlusScriptCompiler (source), which is used to compile the .flow and .msg scripts in this repository and recompile them into .bf format.
  2. Download TGE's PAKTools which is used to unpack BIN/PAK files.
  3. Edit the build.bat file with the paths to your AtlusScriptCompiler and PAKTool exe files. Name your edited copy build_local.bat.
  4. Place init_free.bin from your unpacked copy of the game (details on unpacking the game in the Unpacking Persona 4 Golden section of the Beginner's Guide) into the build/input folder.
  5. Run build_local.bat.

Now in your build/output folder you will have the entire compiled mod. You can copy this directly into an Aemulus package and then build your mods with Aemulus. If you'd like you can also just change the output path in your build_local.bat directly to your Aemulus package's folder so everything is immediately ready to build in Aemulus after you run build_local.bat.