Fork of the C# Tiny Parser Generator by Herre Kuijpers.
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The unofficial fork of the Tiny Parser Generator by Herre Kuijpers.

It is an LL(1) recursive descent parser generator written in C# which can generate a scanner, parser, and parsetree file in either C# or VB code.

The original code and documentation can be found in the article 'A Tiny Parser Generator v1.2' on CodeProject.

The source code is licensed under the Code Project Open License (CPOL) .

Features & Fixes

These are the new features and fixes we have added to the original code:

  • Support for [IgnoreCase] flag on terminal symbols.
  • Syntax highlighting now supports var keyword.
  • ParseError now has correct line numbers.
  • Regex tool now updates live without flicker.
  • The IDE will now display the error line number in the output.
  • Production rules without a code block will by default evaluate their sub-rules.
  • New [FileAndLine] flag for redefining the file and line number reported in errors.
  • IDE now uses C# 3.x compiler when testing the generated parser code.
  • Command line building of parsers.
  • IDE expression evaluator now include line and column numbers in errors.
  • Unexpected token errors now display the offending character.
  • We now always show the list of expected tokens on errors.


The latest source code can be found in zip form here.

The latest binaries can be found in the build artifacts.