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Releases: Sienci-Labs/gsender


01 Dec 20:43
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v1.3.9-EDGE Pre-release
  • Improved initial job run estimation and during run time estimation
  • M0 pause now allows probing
  • Fixed issue with toolchange or M0 choking in some situations
  • Fixed issue where macro keybinds weren't persisting
  • Reduced timeout on ethernet connection from 20 seconds to 4 seconds
  • Errors that don't occur during job runs no longer hold the controller
  • Active modals displayed in diagnostics tool
  • Can now hold motors in diagnostic tool
  • Diagnostic report now sources errors/alarms from the correct new location
  • Removed outline on some elements that should not be occuring
  • Fixed issue with rotary jog movement being converted incorrectly when $13 enabled
  • Firmware categories for HAL should no longer display as null in some situations
  • Visualizer position should now always render final location frame when jogging or using go to buttons
  • Fixed issue where attempting to unlock the e-stop while estop still engaged would error the controller
  • Fixed issue with error occuring on HAL connection in some situations
  • Various Gamepad and keyboard shortcut fixes


17 Nov 19:38
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v1.3.8-EDGE Pre-release
  • Added flashing for SLB
  • Added preliminary SLB profile
  • Fixed Single-axis probe profile variable propogation
  • Added category colours for HAL firmware tool
  • Preferences migrations updates to make it more consistent across versions
  • Sending will continue in cases where an OK wasn't returned back but no other error/alarm occured
  • Fixed g-code error on HAL connection process
  • Limited errors reported at job completion and cases where no errors returned status is now no longer an alarming red.
  • Modals now displayed in diagnostics tab when connected
  • Rotary mode now also disables soft limits when toggled on
  • Home all button has now returned when single-axis homing enabled for HAL controllers
  • Firmware tool search now includes HAL specific descriptions in search text


  • Improvements to dynamic jogging on joysticks
  • Improved diagonal jogging on joysticks
  • Fixed bug with gamepad buttons not executing set action
  • Improvements to MPG mode
  • Fixed dead zone setting interaction with joystick


25 Oct 20:02
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v1.3.7-EDGE Pre-release


  • Multi-corner probing - now use your Auto or Standard touchplate to set the workspace offset from any corner on your workpiece
  • Files are parsed once and re-used for outline, start from line and other places to reduce processing power
  • Fixed issue where file attributes weren’t always being returned on file parse
  • Fixed probe tool selection getting cut off
  • Preferences backup generated on new version for easy reversion
  • Preferences improvements to prevent values from being overwritten
  • Machine profile now included in metrics gathering for those who have opted-in

Gamepad Support

  • Several bug fixes
  • Several UI improvements
  • Fix to joystick jogging not working in some instances
  • Fix to creating gamepad profile dialog
  • Fix to gamepad profile name disappearing
  • Improvements to assigning actions to buttons
    -Adjusted lockout functionality, assigned button to it will now need to be held to utilize gamepad buttons and joysticks


  • Connection process improved to be a little faster
  • Firmware tool categories are correctly used as parsed from the controller
  • Fixed issue where connecting with eStop engaged would not allow a reset and the application would become unusable
  • Fixed issue where connecting to an alarmed controller could prompt the user to home even if homing not enabled
  • Alarm information parsed from controller and correctly used in alarm states
  • Firmware tool no longer includes “N/A” options from format data when generating option controls
  • Firmware values with spaces are correctly read from the controller
  • Motors no longer held on job completion
  • Axis mask returns the correct axes values as compiled in


13 Oct 22:55
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v1.3.6-EDGE Pre-release
  • General
    • Connect over Ethernet using grblHAL controller/boards. IP address configurable within connection preferences
    • Fixed connection routing on HAL - should now be faster connecting
    • Fixed HAL pin states not reporting correctly
    • Unlock button now available on the UI at all times
    • Fixed HAL startup routine to correctly parse alarm code if in alarm state rather than assuming homing
    • Added better error logging to quickly address issues
    • Clearer distinction between planned lines and cut lines in visualizer - configurable in custom visualizer theme
    • Moved firmware selector in connection widget to bottom
    • Fixed issue with bitfield input in firmware tool
    • File parsing simplified to only need to parse the file once across several tools (outline, start from line)
    • Fixed edge case where Outline function would never return
  • Gamepad
    • Restructure of gamepad logic
    • Actions are set based on buttons present on your gamepad
    • Button labels can be modified by hovering over them and typing in your desired label
    • New feature allows you to add a second action to a button which can be used by pressing and holding the set button to activate the secondary actions (similar to the modifier key on keyboards)
    • New feature: Lockout button. Used to activate/deactivate gamepad buttons when needed. To use this feature, you must assign it to a button of your choice, then press and hold the button for 4 seconds, then it will toggle between lock and unlock
    • Added section for adjusting joystick functionality. Can now map joystick directions to certain axis. Have the ability to reverse the direction of the axis movement as well by checking the box next to the option
    • Added MPG mode for joystick
    • Jogging using gamepad is now dynamic, speed of jog will depend on the amount of force put on the joystick itself, if you push it all the way to the end jogging will be at max speed
    • Added deadzone threshold option for joystick


20 Sep 13:31
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v1.3.5-EDGE Pre-release

grblHAL Firmware Tool

  • EEPROM descriptions, details, and options are now retrieved from the grblHAL controller
  • Firmware table for HAL connections is now dynamically generated based on parsed options to account for the myriad new settings available
  • Changes to logic for handling specific field types based on fixed datafield types for new controller
  • Look and feel alterations - more to come

Job Stats and Maintenance

  • Job stats section has been greatly fleshed out, now showing start time, duration of individual files, and any complications running them.
  • Jobs per com port (individual machine) are also recorded
  • New Maintenance reminders - setup maintenance tasks that will remind you when due to perform routine CNC maintenance
  • Task due time is based on the runtime from your jobs
  • Let us know what else you want to know


  • Fixed enabling rotary tab sometimes causing renderer to crash
  • Improvements to alarm and error recording
  • Fix for inline bracket comments that also have an inner bracket (similar to (this) in a comment)
  • Added warning for large results in calibration that are likely incorrect inputs
  • Fixed issue with laser offsets when swapping preferred UI units
  • Relocated firmware selector


29 Aug 19:49
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v1.3.4-EDGE Pre-release


  • Fixed issues with inputs and g-code output not converting to imperial values correctly for rotary surfacing
  • Macros for rotary are now dynamic to work correctly when $13 is enabled
  • Styling updates to the new scrollable tab widget
  • Fixes to A-axis jogging
  • Firmware input values for rotary in preferences will always stay the same value when changing the preferred units
  • Rotary surfacing g-code output will not go to the A-axis zero position near the end when “Enable Re-homing” is selected
  • Go to location feature is now dynamic with rotary mode, The A-axis will appear when in rotary mode, Y-axis will be hidden when not
  • Diagnol movements in UI now disabled when in rotary mode
  • The button label for “Go to XY0” now dynamic for rotary mode, will show “Go to XA0” when necessary
  • DRO zeros for the A-axis are now consistent with the other axes where when updating the input in preferences will format it correctly
  • Fixed issue with the visualizer running surfacing code instead of the loaded file
  • Fixed issue with visualizer not accounting for current a-axis position when a file is loaded
  • Fixed issue with loading a new file after finishing or stopping a job offsets the y-axis permanently, the y-axis is now moved to the zero position and locked there when in rotary mode


22 Aug 19:24
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v1.3.3-EDGE Pre-release


  • Fixed issue preventing feeder code with blank lines from running
  • Fixed styling issue resulting in rapid position buttons getting cut off
  • Console Copy button works again
  • "Go to Location" relabelled "Go To"
  • Job stat area changes - single feeds/spindles no longer display range, display condense
  • New Tabbed widget component
  • Prompt on Zero dialog altered
  • Remote mode styling alterations


  • Added warning on router position for rotary unit setup tool
  • Rotary surfacing decimals fixed on unit conversion
  • Updated rotary surfacing code to output A-axis movements using correct imperial values
  • Added area in preferences for configuring default firmware setting when exiting out of rotary mode
  • Fixed jog control for A-axis when in imperial units


15 Aug 19:35
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1.3.2-EDGE Pre-release
  • Fixed issue with fixed tool sensor position and $13
  • Delimiter changes on response from controller to /n

Rotary Changes and Fixes

  • Adjustments to rotary mode workflow, will no longer store previous firmware values to be re-applied when exiting out of rotary mode and default values will be used
  • Updated rotary preferences firmware configuration inputs
  • Added toggle for displaying rotary tab on UI
  • Adjustments to rotary surfacing UI and gcode output
  • Updated Probe Rotary Z-axis and Y-axis alignment g-code


26 Jul 19:41
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v1.3.1-EDGE Pre-release


  • Updated build with changes from Main as of 1.2.2
  • Added workflow controls to remote mode view - now possible to start, pause and stop jobs on your phone
  • Added QR code in remote mode modal for easier access on phone or tablets - scan on your phone camera and instantly navigate to the interface
  • Added Go To location button, to allow easy movements either relative or absolute to exact positions
  • Added preference to prompt on axis zero, to prevent accidentally rezeroing when not intended.
  • Visualizer performance improvements - smoother panning and visualization on lower power hardware
  • Added passthrough option to toolchanges to allow M6 to be sent and handled by the firmware
  • Return of the code block - Code option re-added to toolchanging with pre- and post- hooks
  • Fixed issue with continuous jogging on non-Sienci firmware
  • PRB values now available as macro variables for all axes in Grbl and grblHAL controllers
  • TLO for each axis available as variables in HAL controllers
  • Updater ping will more consistently show when a new version is available
  • Fixed aliasing issue on visualizer when resizing window
  • Macro variables that look like numbers are now treated like numbers for the sake of addition (instead of concatenating as strings)
  • Fixed issue with firmware selection updating list of devices too frequently
  • Fixed issue with DRO precision in some situations
  • Dependency updates


  • Fixed physical rotary unit setup not outputting correct file in some instances
  • Added y-axis and z-axis probing
  • Updates to rotary mode toggle, will now prompt you with what actions will be performed
  • Added rotary tab in preferences to allow changes to firmware values
  • Minor fixes to stock turning


07 Jul 15:30
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  • Fix for overrides leading to gcode errors
  • Override value correctly updates with keybind usage
  • Override UI button now sends minor adjustment with slider for major adjustment
  • Using override keybind should now display the override panel
  • Multiple toolchanges in a single file now display the correct tool in the Wizard
  • Controller binds should work with toolchange wizard active
  • Spindle RPM no longer incorrectly converting units
  • Spindle slider now reflects EEPROM values for min and max
  • Jog speed properly converts through preferred unit changes
  • Larger margin on shortcut printout
  • M0 in feeder macros now displays M0 pause dialog
  • Added missing outline keybind
  • Unlock keybind should work in more situations where a soft reset was required