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The Chieftan server implementation
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Chieftan Build Status

A task automation framework driven through an HTTP API

Chieftan was designed to simplify the process of creating, managing and triggering tasks on your infrastructure. It is driven through an HTTP API, making it trivially easy to automate and consume - while the simple API ensures you won't be left reading docs.

Its primary goal is to provide a data-defined task framework, enabling rich interactions with other systems such as build and deployment tools.


The chieftan executable provides a command line interface which allows you to interact with the database to perform various administrative functions such as creating users, generating access tokens etc.

This functionality is all available through the API as well, however the command line offers a convenient way to bootstrap your server.

CAUTION Changes made through the command line interface will not be logged to the standard Audit Log provided by Chieftan as there is no way to determine their source. As the command line is required to be run on the same server as your database, we assume this will not be an issue, however you should put things in place to prevent unauthorized access to your data nodes nonetheless.


Creating a User

chieftan user create --admin "Benjamin Pannell"

Get a User's Details

chieftan user info

Removing a User

chieftan user remove


Changing a User's Permissions

chieftan permissions set project/:project project/:project/admin admin admin/users

Granting a User Permissions

chieftan permissions add admin admin/users

Removing a User's Permissions

chieftan permissions remove project/:project

Access Tokens

Creating an Access Token

chieftan token create

Getting a User's Access Tokens

chieftan token list

Revoking an Access Token

chieftan token remove 54e81577954376dac6ed9d8b134a790b

Revoking a User's Access Tokens

chieftan token remove --user

Revoking All Access Tokens

chieftan token remove --global


Development is conducted using standard Go and gvt for dependency management. Tests are written using gocheck to help keep things a bit more succinct.

You are expected to have a MongoDB database available at $MONGODB_URL or mongodb://localhost/chieftan for all tests and executions.

Environment Setup

You just need to restore the correct versions of the various dependencies using gvt.

go get -u
gvt restore

Automated Tests

You can run the automated test suite by executing the following:


Alternatively, you may make use of the standard gotest binary if you wish to run the tests on a headless server.

go test ./ ./api ./executors ./models ./tasks ./tools ./utils


Creating a build requires you to run go build. You can provide additional linker flags to embed version information in the binary, specifically the git commit and semantic version of the release.

go build -o chieftan -ldflags "-X main.version=$(git describe --abbrev=0 --tags)-$(git log --pretty=format:'%h' -n 1) -X main.sentry_dsn=$SENTRY_DSN"
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