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Code samples for ALEOS Application Framework
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Code samples and tutorials available for ALEOS Application Framework:

Note: Simple sample apps project folders are prefixed with sample-, they just help you to discover a part of ALEOS AF. Other projects target more complex and specific uses cases.

Running the samples

We recommend the use of ALEOS AF Developer Studio for a smoother experience.

ALEOS AF Developer Studio

Download ALEOS AF Developer Studio, it is strongly recommended to read its getting started to master its features and concepts.

Add Git support to ALEOS AF Developer Studio

All installation instructions are available on EGit website. If you are not familiar with Eclipse based products, have a look to the installation from update site manual.

Setting up the environment

Once you have ALEOS AF Developer Studio and EGit both installed, you just have to import a Team Project Set and samples are directly fetched from Github to your workspace. Here is the URL to import:


If you are not familiar with Team Project Set .psf files, there is documentation available.

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