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Install Guide

Please remember to backup your database regularly.

  1. Unzip & Upload these files to your webserver.
  2. Copy ./settings/config.example.php to ./settings/config.php
  3. Copy ./settings/DatabaseInfo.example.php to ./settings/DatabaseInfo.php
  4. Make a backup of your database ;)

Config.php (basic must-configure settings)

##################### System #########################

// Default StartPoint for Map

The service URL, username and password are no longer defined as constants so you'll need to put them directly into the Configs registry method:

use Aurora\Addon\WebUI;
use Aurora\Addon\WebUI\Configs;

$configs = Configs::i();

$configs[] = WebUI::r(
    'User Name',
    'API Access Token'

DatabaseInfo.php (basic must-configure settings)

##################### Database ########################
// Your Hostname here:
// Your Databasename here:
// Your Username from Database here:
// Your Database Password here:

MySQL Version

If you are using MySQL 5.5 or greater, you will need to specify the version number

Globals::i()->DBLink = new libAurora\DataManager\MySQLDataLoader(C_PDO_DSN, 'Wiredux', false, true, '5.5');


Enable short tags and ASP-style tags for PHP scripts.

short_open_tag = On

; Allow ASP-style <% %> tags.
asp_tags = On

Disable error notices to supress messages regarding the use of undefined constants.

error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE
  • Don't forget to set up your php.ini mail

Aurora-Sim Addon

This release uses the v3.x release candidates of Aurora-WebAPI

Install WebAPI via console

  1. Start Aurora.Server.exe (if you want to run in Grid mode) or Aurora.exe (if you want to run in StandAlone mode)
  2. Put into the console 'compile module gui' and browse to the WebAPI directory in your Aurora-WebAPI download and open the build.am file.
  3. Follow the instructions on-screen and it will compile and install your module and you are all done with setup.

Install WebAPI manually

  1. copy the WebAPI directory into your ~/Aurora-Sim/addon-modules/ directory
  2. Run runprebuild.bat


For grid mode (running Aurora.Server.exe)

Copy WebAPI/WebAPI.ini to your ~/Aurora-Sim/bin/ directory/AuroraServerConfiguration/Modules directory

For standalone mode (just running Aurora.exe)

Copy WebAPI/WebAPI.ini to your ~/Aurora-Sim/bin/ directory/Configuration/Modules directory


WebUI 1.x to WebUI 2.x

  • The WireduxHandler property is renamed WebUIHandler
  • The WireduxHandler value is renamed WebUIHandler
  • The WireduxHandlerPort property is renamed WebUIHandlerPort
  • The WireduxHandlerPassword property is renamed WebUIHandlerPassword
  • The WireduxTextureServerPort property is renamed WebUIHandlerTextureServerPort

WebUI 2.x to WebAPI 3.x

  • The Handlers section is renamed WebAPI
  • The WebUIHandler property is renamed Handler
  • The WebUIHandler value is renamed WebAPIHandler
  • The WebUIHandlerPort property is renamed Port
  • The WebUIHandlerTextureServerPort property is renamed TextureServerPort
  • You'll need to use the webapi get access token console command to get the API access token for the account you're going to use with the API
  • You'll need to use the webapi grant access console command to give the desired level of access for the account you're going to use with the API

Admin Panel

The Admin Panel is located at: http://yourdomain.com/admin

To promote your user as an Admin Panel User: Start Aurora (Aurora.Server in grid mode) and after it has started, type

webui promote user

and fill in the information that is asked for.

The user will now be able to use the Admin Panel as given above

Enjoy Aurora WebUI

To demote a user from the Admin Panel: Start Aurora (Aurora.Server in grid mode) and after it has started, type

webui demote user

and fill in the information that is asked for.

The user will now not be able to use the Admin Panel

Choose avatar

To choose a avatar on registration you have to make some avatar archives

NOTE: I have only tested this with database archives and not file archives. To save a archive in the database you must give it a name ending with ".database"

Note: When displaying textures from the texture server they will be resized to 128x128 and at the bottom will be writen the grid nickname

  1. Dress a avatar up like you want it to look
  2. Take a picture of it and upload this to the grid
  3. in the console of the grid server issue this command
save avatar archive <First> <Last> <Filename> <FolderNameToSaveInto> [<SnapshotUUID>] [<Public>]


save avatar archive Skidz Tweak EvilOverlord.database / 00000-0000-0000-0000-00000 1

NOTE: Only pulic ones will be listed on the website

Trouble Shooting

Errors with viewing or logging users into WebUI (not admin users)

  • Make sure that an Aurora.Addon.WebAPI.dll is in the bin/ folder of the place that are you running Aurora (or Aurora.Server) from.

Page editor will not load in Administrator Section.

  • While testing on osgrid.org we resolved this issue by creating a .htaccess file in the root of your website with the following code
        RewriteEngine On  
        RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.yourdomain.com$  
        RewriteRule (.*)$ http://yourdomain.com/$1 [R=301,L]

Matto Destiny & djphil Quickmap

Originally created by (c) Metropolis Metaversum [ http://hypergrid.org ]

User Guide

Light Green Tiles = Root Region (Occupied) Dark Green Tiles = Mainland (Occupied) Blue Tiles = Free Space

QUICKMAP Install Guide

Quickmap configuration is found in Aurora-WebUI/quickmap/includes/config.php. You may want to call Aurora-WebUI somthing different just remember this must reflect in the configuration below.

// General items
// For Statics Images Folder

//Your Grid-Domain
$CONF_sim_domain =     "http://your_aurora_server_ip_or_dns_address/";
//Installation path
$CONF_install_path =   "Aurora-WebUI/quickmap/";

// style-sheet items
//Link to StyleSheet
$CONF_style_sheet =    "templates/default/style.css";
$CONF_style_sheet_webui =    "templates/default/style_webui.css";

// Your Grid-Logo
// Link to your Grid-Logo
$CONF_logo =           "http://your_aurora_server_ip_or_dns_address/Aurora-WebUI/quickmap/templates/default/images/aurora-webui-logo.png"; 

// mysql database items
$CONF_db_server =      "mysql";   // Your Database-Server 
$CONF_db_user =        "root";        // Database-User
$CONF_db_database =    "aurora";  // Name of Database
$CONF_db_pass =        "***";      // Password of User

// The Coordinates of the Grid-Center
$CONF_center_coord_x   = "1000";      // the Center-X-Coordinate same as Aurora-WebUI $mapstart
$CONF_center_coord_y   = "1000";      // the Center-Y-Koordinate same as Aurora-WebUI $mapstart


Please report all errors and bugs to #aurora-dev channel on irc.freenode.net