iOS Kernel utilities
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iOS Kernel Utilities

Beware, chances are the device will panic and reboot.


Just want the binaries?
Head over to Releases. :)


  • Jailbroken Device
  • tfp0 kernel patch (see below)
  • If you don't have XCode:
    • GNU make
    • C compiler for iOS
    • Code signing utility

tfp0 compatibility

A kernel patch is required for these tools to work, since access to kernel memory is natively unavailable for obvious reasons.
That patch is normally referred to as task-for-pid-zero (short tfp0), and is included in almost every public jailbreak.

The latest release of these tools is confirmed to work with:

  • p0sixspwn on 6.1.x
  • Pangu on 7.1.x
  • TaiG on 8.4
  • Pangu9 on 9.1
  • qwertyoruiop's jailbreakme on 9.3.x
  • extra_recipe on 10.0-10.2
  • Yalu102 (beta4 or later) on 10.0.1-10.2

Jailbreaks that DO NOT seem to enable tfp0, and thus DO NOT work with kern-utils:

  • Pangu9 on 9.0.x (but can be enabled with cl0ver)
  • Pangu9 on 9.2-9.3.3 (but see qwertyoruiop's jailbreakme)
  • YaluX on 10.0.1-10.1.1

If you have information about how the kernel task port can be obtained in these versions, please open a ticket and tell me.


Name Function
kdump Dump a running iOS kernel to a file
kinfo Display various kernel information
kmap Visualize the kernel address space
kmem Dump kernel memory to the console
kpatch Apply patches to a running kernel
nvpatch Display and patch NVRAM variables permissions


git clone
cd ios-kern-utils
make        # build just the binaries
make deb    # build a deb file for Cydia
make xz     # package binaries to a .tar.xz
make dist   # deb && xz

For make you may also specify the following environment variables:

Name Function Default value
OS X iOS Linux
IGCC iOS compiler xcrun -sdk iphoneos gcc clang ios-clang
IGCC_ARCH Target architecture(s) -arch armv7 -arch arm64
IGCC_FLAGS Custom compiler flags none
LIBTOOL Archive manipulation utility xcrun -sdk iphoneos libtool libtool ios-libtool
STRIP Symbol remover utility xcrun -sdk iphoneos strip strip ios-strip
SIGN Code signing utility codesign ldid
SIGN_FLAGS Code signing flags -s - --entitlements misc/ent.xml -Smisc/ent.xml


As of late, kern-utils can also be compiled for and used on macOS.
Compile with:

IGCC=gcc IGCC_ARCH='-arch x86_64' SIGN=true STRIP=strip LIBTOOL=libtool make clean all

The SIGN=true is a dirty hack to skip signing, which is necessary because Sierra and later will not allow self-signed binaries with restricted entitlements to run. However, entitlements aren't needed on macOS since the kernel task port is obtained via a different API very much thanks to Jonathan Levin.

In order to use kern-utils, SIP needs to be at least partially disabled. If you don't want to disable it completely, you can use:

csrutil enable --without debug



Original project by Samuel Groß.
nvpatch is largely based on nvram_patcher by Pupyshev Nikita.
Maintained and updated for iOS 8 and later by Siguza.


  • Test on Linux
  • Keep up with the original repo