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A version of Inconsolata with Ligatures for JavaScript
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Inconsolata + JavaScript Ligatures

This is the font Inconsolata with some ligatures mostly useful for people writing JavaScript. There are a few other modifications in addition to the ligatures. All the ligatures were originally taken from Fira Code although I made some slight modifications.

I've never used FontForge before and I kind of stumbled through the program, so it's more than likely I didn't do stuff according to best practices but it seems to work (on Windows 7 in Atom, untested anywhere else).


  • === Strict equal
  • !== Strict not equal
  • => Arrow Functions
  • <= Less than or equal to
  • >= Greater than or equal to
  • || Or
  • && And
  • // Comment
  • -> Thin Arrow
  • :: function bind operator proposal



This is a bit opinionated, as I never use == and != so I have the strict versions only take up 2 characters instead of 3.

Other Modifications

  • Single and Double quotes are now straight - used the glyphs in Inconsolata-dz
  • The bottom of square braces [] are extended to match parentheses () and curly braces {}

Usage in Atom

The editor Atom supports ligatures through the following:

atom-text-editor {
  font-family: 'Inconsolata', 'Courier New', Courier;
  text-rendering: optimizeLegibility;
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