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XIV Free Company Page Script

A small script to present some information about Free Company (guild) from Final Fantasy XIV

It uses XIVSync by @viion to grab information from Lodestone.

What it looks like?

At first glance it's just showing you the same stuff that Lodestone does: name of the Company, list of activities the Company participates in, plot information, number of members (and there avatars)

What it really is?

It's way more than that, though. It's a tracking page. It tracks 2 main things: company weekly ranking and its members’ information.

Company ranking is showed as a small graph when hovering over the question mark near current ranking. Nothing fancy.

Main feature is tracking of members' stats. It tracks the following:

  • Name change
  • Free Company rank change
  • Levels of all classes
  • Levels of all classes on time of joining
  • Time of joining
  • Time of level update
  • Time of rank update

But even that is not all: this page suggests new ranks to existing members based on rank description you provide in a special file. It also provides description of each rank permissions.

How to use

Main settings contain of 2 things:

  • $fcid parameter in config.php which stands for the ID of your Free Company. For example, my Company is listed in Lodestone like this This means, that the ID is 9234631035923213559
  • Careful setup of fcranks.json file

config.php also has some extra styling options for you.


Essentially, just place all the files (except for cache folder) to webserver with PHP, update fcranks.json, update config.php or style.css if required and run index.php. Live version can be checked out here


For script to properly work you need to carefully setup list of ranks actually present in-game. Here's how you set it up.

	"King": {

Name of the rank as seen in-game.

		"level": 0,
		"howto": "Create Free Company or get assigned by previous King",

Level of the rank, where 0 is the highest rank. For Mog Street Kids the lowest one is 6, which is used for those who has been inactive for too long. howto is used for special requirements on acquiring the rank. If it's empty it will be based on the following array.

		"requirements": {
				"assign": false,
				"minage": 0,
				"minfclvl": 0,
				"recrank": null,
				"mintotlvl": 0,
				"mingathlvl": 0,
				"mincraftlvl": 0,
				"mindpslvl": 0,
				"minheallvl": 0,
				"mintanklvl": 0,
				"classtypes": 0

assign is used to determine whether the rank should be used for next promotion suggestions. Set it to false to skip.

minage is for setting minimum number of dates to be present in company to be suggested this particular rank.

minfclvl is mimimum current rank level to be suggested this particular rank. Set to 0 to disable.

recrank is a name of a rank which should be considered the direct predecessor of this one. For example, we have 2 DPS-based ranks with different permissions. Essentially, if a member has the lowest of them he will be suggested for the higher rank on priority.

mintotlvl is minimum Total Level required. Total Level stands for cumulative level for all classes. Set to 0 to disable.

mingathlvl, mincraftlvl, mindpslvl, minheallvl, mintanklvl are mimimum levels of gather, crafter, DPS, healer and tank classes required. For example, if you set mintanklvl to 60, it will mean, that to get this rank a member needs to have at least 1 tank class at level 60.

classtypes sets number of different classes that have to be of at least level 2. This is checked before all class specific levels, because you may want to promote some people only if they have, for example, both DPS, healer and tank.

All parameters below are for Free Company permissions, that should represent the same settings that you have in-game.

		"generalsettings": {
			"Settings": {
				"CompanyProfile": true,
				"RankSettings": true,
				"CrestDesign": true
			"Members": {
				"Invitations": true,
				"MemberDismissal": true,
				"PromotionDemotion": true,
				"Applications": true
			"Community": {
				"CompanyBoard": true,
				"ShortMessage": true
			"Actions": {
				"CompanyCredits": true,
				"ExecutingActions": true,
				"DiscardingActions": true
		"ChestAccess": {
			"Items1": 3,
			"Items2": 3,
			"Items3": 3,
			"Crystals": 3,
			"Gil": 3

For Chest Access, 0 means No Access, 1 means View Only, 2 means Deposit Only, 3 means Full Access.

		"Housing1": {
			"Settings": {
				"EstateHallAccess": true,
				"EstateRenaming": true,
				"GreetingsCustomization": true,
				"GuestAccessSettings": true
			"Estate": {
				"PurchaseLand": true,
				"HallConstruction": true
			"Customization": {
				"HallRemodeling": true,
				"Paint": true,
				"FurnishingPrivileges": 2,

For FurnishingPrivileges 0 means No Access, 1 means Place, 2 means Place And Remove.

				"RetainerDispatchment": true,
				"AetherialWheelUse": true
		"Housing2": {
			"Garden": {
				"Planting": true,
				"Harvesting": true,
				"CropDisposal": true
			"Chocobos": {
				"StablingChocobos": true,
				"TrainingMembersChocobos": true
			"Orchestrion": {
				"OrchestrionOperation": true
		"Workshop": {
			"Workshop": {
				"WorkshopConstruction": true
			"Company Projects": {
				"ProjectCommencement": true,
				"ProjectMaterialDelivery": true,
				"ProjectProgression": true,
				"ProjectItemCollection": true,
				"PrototypeCreation": true
			"Airships": {
				"AirshipRegistration": true,
				"AirshipOutfitting": true,
				"AirshipColor": true,
				"AirshipRenaming": true,
				"ExploratoryVoyageDeployment": true,
				"ExploratoryVoyageFinalization": true,
				"ExploratoryMissionEmbarkation": true

How tracking works?

Tracking system uses sub-folder cache. It has 2 other subfolders for storing images:

  • emblem stores emblem images (it consists of 3 images)
  • ranks stores images of company ranks

These folders are created automatically, if they do not exist. The main juice are the files in there.


This file contains general Free Company information grabbed by XIVSync script, including list of members used further during updates to grab detailed info for them.


This file contains information on the weekly company ranking: date the rank changed and the new rank. Does not get updated unless the date difference between current date and the date in the list is less than 7 days.


This file contains all the members' information. The one grabbed by XIVSync and calculated by the tracker, including suggested ranks. There is one special parameter there called rankover which should be used as an override. The tracker also checks for correct assignments and in some cases you may want to ignore the wrongly assigned ones. Generally, when you had a set of members before running the tracker.