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Simperium is a simple way for developers to move data as it changes, instantly and automatically. This is the Ruby library. You can browse the documentation.

You can sign up for a hosted version of Simperium. There are Simperium libraries for other languages too.

This is not yet a full Simperium library for parsing diffs and changes. It's a wrapper for our HTTP API intended for scripting and basic backend development.


Before running tests you will need to hunt down and install some prerequisites:

First Run

To run the tests, clone the repository and bundle install to install all of the dependencies.

$> git clone
$> bundle install

Go to and register a new app. Set your shell's environment variables SIMPERIUM_CLIENT_TEST_APPNAME and SIMPERIUM_CLIENT_TEST_APIKEY to your new app's "App ID" and "API Key" respectively.

Thereafter running tests should only require:

$> bundle exec rake test


The Simperium Ruby library is available for free and commercial use under the MIT license.

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