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My blog based on Jekyll-Bootstrap.

About Jekyll-Bootstrap

For all usage and documentation please see:

About theme

This theme is the copy of elementaryOS portal page. Some features are imperfect, but I will make it more perfect.


You can edit the _config.yml file to change the setting of site. If you want to change avatar or favicon, just replace the files in assets\themes\Snail\img.

About excerpt

There are 2 ways of excerpt: "teaser" and "truncate_words" (Configurated in _config.yml).

  • "teaser": look for the More tag () and create a teaser from the content that precedes the More tag. You must place "" at paragraph in post. The whole content will be displayed in homepage if no More tag found in post.

  • "truncate_words": generate an excerpt automatically by selecting the first 20 words of the post. It doesn't work well in some of no-English post.

Change Log

  • Add pagination.
  • Add new way of excerpt.
  • Download google fonts to the local.
  • Add google custom search engine.