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pspeed42 Added a proper debug mode to the drop shadow renderer so that it's
easier to see where the shadow volumes are drawn.
Fixed the shadow volume calculates to work better in the presence
of non-yaw-only rotations.
Latest commit 51b0206 Nov 21, 2018


General video game effects packaged in jMonkeyEngine friendly components.

Currently includes:


A jMonkeyEngine AppState that manages a DirectionalLight and AmbientLight making the parameters easily available to the rest of the game.


Includes related shaders and a TruncatedDome mesh. This is an AppState that allows a game to easily include a sky based on atmospheric scattering. An optional ground plane can be included and there are lighting shaders that include atmospheric scattering that your own terrain and models can use. The atmospheric scattering code is also separated into shader libraries that can be included in other shaders.