The Liverpool Ringing Simulator Project - Type 2 Hardware
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The Liverpool Ringing Simulator Project - Type 2 Hardware

In the folders above you will find all the resources for building the Liverpool Ringing Simulator Project's Type 2 simulator interfaces and sensor heads, including:

  • Hardware & Software Manuals
  • Firmware Source Code
  • Eagle PCB Designs
  • PCB Fabrication Gerber Files

You probably want to start in the docs folder above...

The Type 2 simulator is currently under active development. All the hardware and firmware files are here and in a usable form, as is most of the draft documentation. The Technical Reference Guide is currently under construction.

The original (Type 1) Liverpool Simulator hardware and code can be found in the legacy repository at The Type 1 simulator is no longer under active development.

If you didn't get here from, you might want to go and look at that, too.